Much more than summer school

Close your eyes and think about the words “summer school.” What comes to mind?

The United States’ attempt to erase Harriet Tubman

With uniquely American hypocrisy, the Trump Treasury Department has pushed back the 2016 plan to put escaped slave and Underground Railroad heroine Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.

When the quest for power is greater than the quest for good

According to the information in the now-infamous Mueller report, the president demonstrated behavior that supported the opinion that he obstructed justice. His former attorney, Michael Cohen, identified him as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in a number of situations, as reported by ...

New university studies track high costs of discriminatory housing

In recent years, the spate of homicides linked to questionable uses of deadly weapons and/or force, have prompted many activist organizations to call for racial reparations.

Governor, please do not sign that ‘born-alive’ abortion bill

Colloquially known as the “born-alive” bill, House Bill 16 would amend Texas Family Code to punish health practitioners with a civil penalty, to the tune of $100,000 or more, for “fail[ing] to provide the appropriate medical treatment … to a ...

‘Christian’ leaders, protestors: God sent the shooter

I am examining and writing about how in this country there is not one God but at least two: the God of White people and the God of Black people.

A summer to remember

As the school year ends and families look ahead to summer plans, I hope many will be able to consider travel that is not just a vacation, but an education and inspiration.

Justice for Maleah! Mother’s ex-fiancé arrested, charged in connection with missing 4-year-old girl

The case involving 4-year-old Maleah Davis has caused a major stir across the Greater Houston area, as the details surrounding the case have gone from disturbing to downright heart- wrenching.

Staying vigilant on Brown, education and justice

As a teenager, many of Barbara Johns’ wildest dreams were about a surprising subject: a new school.

As the ancestors turn in their graves

It has been fascinating and troubling at the same time to listen to candidates being considered to be judges in federal courts across this nation back away from affirming the necessity of Brown v. Board of Education, which was decided ...

‘You can’t win like that’

“I can’t do a lot of the extra stuff that I would like to do for my kids or with my kids because I just can’t afford to. No vacations. There’s not too much going to the movies or little ...

How Americans handle the phenomenon of Donald Trump

It has been said that the reason he is president is not because of who voted for him, but because of those who did not vote.

Out of sight, out of mind

Baby dolls, tiny trucks, toy food and dress-up capes. Scattered about the ballroom of a motel in Northeast Washington, D.C., and captured in a Washington Post column by Petula Dvorak, these hallmarks of child’s play are not merely a sign ...

White supremacy is killing America

Hiding under the First Amendment of the Constitution and the Christian Bible, White Americans have been terrorizing people of color – African American, Native American, people of Japanese and Chinese descent – for decades.

Racial wealth divide worsens with federal tax cuts

If you’re like me, every time you hear a news reporter or anchor talk about how great the nation’s economy is, you wonder what world they are living in. Certainly these journalists are not referring to the ongoing struggle to ...