Out of sight, out of mind

Baby dolls, tiny trucks, toy food and dress-up capes. Scattered about the ballroom of a motel in Northeast Washington, D.C., and captured in a Washington Post column by Petula Dvorak, these hallmarks of child’s play are not merely a sign ...

White supremacy is killing America

Hiding under the First Amendment of the Constitution and the Christian Bible, White Americans have been terrorizing people of color – African American, Native American, people of Japanese and Chinese descent – for decades.

Racial wealth divide worsens with federal tax cuts

If you’re like me, every time you hear a news reporter or anchor talk about how great the nation’s economy is, you wonder what world they are living in. Certainly these journalists are not referring to the ongoing struggle to ...

A tale of two tax rates allows special privileges for the wealthy

One year on from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the majority of Americans are seeing paltry benefits from Trump’s tax cuts, if any at all, while the wealthiest among us are living like kings. That’s because our tax code ...

AG Barr’s redacted special counsel report

I am utterly disgusted, but not surprised, by William Barr’s shameful performance [on the morning of April 18]. He was clearly acting for an audience of one: his puppet master, Donald Trump.

Hate crimes surge continues with racially motivated burning of Black churches

“A lot of people want to make it a hate thing. Well, we don’t represent hate. We represent love. Togetherness. Peace. Long-suffering. Hope. That’s what we’re here today to say, not just to our community, but to our country. Be ...

‘The report’ is out: Now it is time to refocus

The long-awaited Mueller report is out. The scope of the charges and findings against the president and his administration have been at least partially revealed, and the Congress is threatening to subpoena the full, unredacted report.

Aging with HIV in the African American community

In 1994, I was diagnosed with HIV. Today, I’m 50 years old and realize I’m incredibly lucky to have made it this far. While HIV is no longer a death sentence, many of my friends didn’t live past 30.

Time to wake America up from its student debt nightmare

Higher education has always offered opportunities to learn and earn a better quality of life. But in the 21st century, higher education has also become synonymous with ever- deepening debt. More than 44 million consumers of varying ages and occupations ...

Change the currency to reflect us all in America

Every day I wear a pair of medallions around my neck with portraits of two of my role models: Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth.

White supremacist intimidation must stop

The attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar, a freshman Democratic lawmaker from Minnesota, have been less than transparent in their hypocrisy, but have also set the stage for violence, not only against Omar but other Muslims in this country.

CFPB denies duty to enforce Military Lending Act despite support from Department of Defense and Congress

America’s 1.29 million-member strong, all-volunteer military includes men and women from all 50 states, according to the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations. Regardless of race or ethnicity, each made a choice and swore an oath to protect our nation. Together, ...

Our community’s overwhelming need for Black heroes

The Need for Heroes by Langston Hughes was featured in a 1941 issue of The Crisis. He was bothered by the overwhelmingly negative images of African Americans in the news

Growing lack of affordable housing leaves low-income families with few options

A recent study by the Urban Institute reports that in communities across the nation home prices and rents are exceeding the reach of an increasing number of households.

After 51 Years, Fair Housing Still an Unfinished Journey

Fifty-one years ago, this month, the Fair Housing Act was enacted to ensure that housing discrimination was illegal. Yet, just days before the annual observance of Fair Housing Month began, headline news articles reminded the nation that housing discrimination still ...