Congressional Black Caucus introduces bill based on Main Street Marshall Plan

“Every man is our brother, and every man’s burden is our own. Where poverty exists, all are poorer. Where hate flourishes, all are corrupted. Where injustice reins, all are unequal.” – Whitney M. Young

Deal for Blacks’ dealt from bottom of deck

African American unemployment has reached its lowest levels ever.

God, religion and oppression in America

We have a lot of religion in this country and in this world, but in spite of religion, the world is a holy mess.

It happens all the time. Just maybe not to you and me

The first time we met Howard Schulz, the founder and chairman of Starbucks, he was speaking to more than 200 of the nation’s highest ranking Black law enforcement officers during their conference in Seattle.

Black people must vote or reap the consequences

All you have to do is crack open a history book, or sit with one of our experienced elders, and you will learn about the many sacrifices made by people of all races in order to ensure Black people obtained ...

Racial mortgage disparities persist as federal housing enforcement lags

In the classic movie film, Gone with the Wind, the owner of the Tara plantation admonished his daughter for remarking that she didn’t care about her home. In a sharp rebuke, Gerald O-Hara declared, “land was the only thing worth ...

Only the truth will set us free

We want to tell the truth, because we believe in truth and reconciliation but we know that truth and reconciliation are sequential. We can’t get to where we’re trying to go if we don’t tell the truth first. – Bryan ...

Honor the memory of Nashville victims by voting for leaders who support gun reforms

“From 1986 to 1996, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sponsored high-quality, peer-reviewed research into the underlying causes of gun violence. People who kept guns in their homes did not – despite their hopes – gain protection … ...

Are we stuck with white supremacy?

Someone asked recently, “Why can’t we get rid of white supremacy?”

Ungrateful Negroes ignore bloody war for voting rights

“I’m just one vote.” “My vote won’t matter.” “Them White folks gone do what they wanna do anyway.”

Is education is the answer really the answer to better health, mortality?

If education is the answer, why do Black women with college degrees have higher maternal and infant mortality rates than White women who dropped out of high school?

No turning back, now

A new Government Accountability Office report released last month, K-12 Education:

Starbucks arrests show implicit bias is hiding in plain sight

“Those of us who bear the brunt of racial bias and oppression every day end up having to not only battle that bias and oppression, but also convince everyone else that it even exists. It is very hard for the ...

The disrespect of good – and of God

The state of Michigan will no longer provide free bottled water to residents of Flint, in spite of the fact that the city’s water supply is still seriously contaminated with lead.

Senate votes to revoke anti-discriminatory protections

America is often touted as a nation of laws, and not of men. But it seems that today some lawmakers have no interest in upholding laws that mandate fairness in financial services – particularly when consumers of color are affected.