Back to school: attendance is important

As a new school year begins, parents, teachers and administrators are all thinking about how to make it the best year ever. One of the keys to student success sounds very simple but can make a profound difference: making sure ...

Hillary Clinton stands on the shoulders of Shirley Chisholm

“Women in this country must become revolutionaries. We must refuse to accept the old, the traditional roles and stereotypes…We must replace the old, negative thoughts about our femininity with positive thoughts and positive action affirming it, and more. But we ...

The shame of Milwaukee - the worst place for Blacks to live

Now it is Milwaukee. On Saturday, a car with two African American men was stopped for “suspicion.” The men fled, the policeman pursued, and the driver, reportedly armed, was shot and killed.

Children of color need to see themselves in books

Do your children love the books on their summer reading lists?

Baltimore PD routinely violate rights of Blacks

After reading the 164-page Justice Department report on the Baltimore Police Department, it is surprising that street rebellions didn’t occur sooner in Baltimore.

We need fearless leaders, not pleaders

Yet another “shocking” report, The Ever Growing Gap, came out last week. It was featured in mainstream newspapers, small hometown newspapers and online newspapers. The ominous headline stated, It will take Black families 228 years to earn the same amount ...

Black lives - of men, women and children - matter

A friend of mine was conducting a diversity class for a group of police officers, mostly White, in a northern Ohio city. All was going well until he said, “Let’s talk about ‘Black Lives Matter.’” He said the room exploded.

Poverty, desperation overshadows a world-class city

Chicago is one of America’s greatest cities.

Tale of two selfies: The color line between Democrats and Republicans

Donald Trump and his mob of supporters continue to show they’re happiest when wallowing in the cesspool of human behavior. Who would have thought a candidate for the American presidency would within two weeks label the coming election as “rigged,” ...

Breaking the ‘blue wall of silence’ among police

In Columbus, Ohio, two African American police officers filed formal complaints against a White police officer, charging that this White officer made racial slurs and threatened to kill them.

A solid foundation: Can we rebuild Black Wall Street?

“There are [Blacks] who are willing to worship the pyramids of 4,000 years ago but will not build pyramids in the present so their children may see what they left behind as well. We have a leadership who rallies the ...

How much do Black children’s lives matter?

Four little girls were changing into choir robes and chatting in a church restroom, preparing for the Youth Sunday services at 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, Sept. 15, 1963. At 10:22 a.m., a bomb previously hidden under the ...

After dueling conventions, knowledge Trumps ignorance

At the Democratic National Convention last week, Hillary Clinton and her supporters were too kind by simply saying: Love Trumps Hate. It’s a matter that extends far beyond the concept of love. It would have been more accurate to have ...

‘At the bottom of politics … lies economics’

Booker T. Washington spoke those words in his best effort to show us what is really happening in this country.

A message to the president: Invest in America

As the major-party conventions conclude and the general election season begins in earnest, the National Urban League has a message for the next president, whoever he or she might be: Invest in America.