Giving athletes guidance and a helping hand

Recently, I had a chance to be a representative of the National Alliance of African American Athletes to the Florida State-Georgia Tech ACC Championship football game in Charlotte, North Carolina, featuring last year’s Heisman Trophy winner and championship quarterback, “Famous” ...

The White majority’s racial world of fantasy

Now, in the season that’s supposed to exalt goodwill toward all, comes fresh evidence of the important role the White majority’s unwillingness to consider Black Americans as their counterparts across the color line plays in maintaining the racial divide.

Eric Garner was killed by New York tax collectors

Some of the greatest people in my life are Black men.

Eric Garner was killed by New York tax collectors

Some of the greatest people in my life are Black men.

Let’s have a real conversation about race in the United States

After thousands recently took to the streets in protest and outrage following a Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict a White police officer for fatally shooting an unarmed Black teenager, we are faced with the reality that a New ...

Americans take to the street to protest police killings

On Saturday, thousands of Americans across the country registered their objection to police officers not being held accountable after killing unarmed citizens, many of them Black, by mounting massive demonstrations and rallies, the main one held here in the nation’s ...

Race, civil rights in the un-United States of America

The understandable attention being focused on differing attitudes among Whites and Blacks toward law enforcement authorities in the wake of decisions by grand juries in Missouri and New York not to indict White police officers for killing unarmed Blacks ignores ...

What’s next after the marches, protests?

We’ve seen it before: The injustice, the reactions, the non-stop talking and tweeting after yet another headline grabbing tragedy.

Breathing life into an over-due movement

“I can’t breathe,” gasped Eric Garner, again and again and again.

Our 10-point plan for police accountability

The phenomenon we have seen in America since the announcement of the non-indictments of officers in the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner is new to a generation, but not to the nation.

Do not let tempting predatory loans spoil your holiday cheer

From Christmas carols to decorations that celebrate the season, the holidays mark the time of year when families and loved ones anticipate joyous celebrations and gift-giving.

Yes, marching still makes a difference

“Hands up, don’t shoot.” “No justice, no peace.” “I can’t breathe.” “Black lives matter.”

Will video cameras reduce police brutality?

I can’t believe that in the 21st century in the United States of America, we can’t get a simple indictment for a murder of a man that was caught on videotape

After decade of hope, we are still looking for change

As the end of another tumultuous year approaches, Black people again find ourselves in the relative same economic and political position as we were the year before, and the years preceding.

Perverted view of Black on Black crime

In the aftermath of a Black teen being killed in Ferguson, Missouri, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was asked a simple question on NBC television’s Meet the Press