And justice for all – Part I: Obamacare remains intact

Last week, the GOP’s health care bill was pulled. Shortly before the vote in the House was to take place, word came that the bill had been pulled, on the direction of the president.

CBC fights education cuts as consumer coalition attacks regulatory reversals

In releasing his first-ever federal budget blueprint, President Donald J. Trump stated that his intent was to “Make the Government lean and accountable to the people.” A review of its proposals, however, might be better characterized as “mean.”

A time for penance, action

During this holy season of Lent in the Christian calendar, it’s time to reflect and act to help the most vulnerable in our midst.

Trump administration’s health care lies are starting to hurt

For many of his supporters, Donald Trump’s casual relationship with the truth was at first amusing – part of his brash, anti-establishment appeal. He says what he thinks, went the argument, and if it isn’t true, so be it. His ...

Congressional district lines motivated by race

After a tumultuous fight discussing voting rights and the new laws enacted in Texas during the previous election year, a panel of federal judges ruled that three congressional districts in Texas are illegally drawn and that race was a motivating ...

Republican bill will cause millions to lose insurance

Recently, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office analysis projected that over 10 years, the Republican American Health Care Act would cause over 24 million Americans to find themselves without health coverage, with 14 million losing their insurance in the first year, ...

America descending in a spiral of deceit … sad, very sad

No country is perfect; many to most politicians lie. It is a part of what government is and has always been.

FTC’s first-ever auto dealer enforcement charges Los Angeles group

When it comes to purchasing and financing a vehicle, Black and Latino consumers – more often than other racial or ethnic groups – are frequently targets of deceptive advertising and abusive financing practices.

Congress: Don’t hurt children

“I believe that the odds were stacked against me from the day I was born. She was never really a mother to me. She was never around,” said Bethany, a Washington, D.C., student born to a mother struggling with addiction.

Foreboding ‘Shelby’ ruling replaces hope of Selma

In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens contrasted the plight of the poor in France with the lavish wealth of the aristocracy, the city of need with the city of greed. That harsh exploitation eventually erupted in the French ...


“Do you ask what we can do? Unite and build a store of your own. Do you ask where is the money? We have spent more than enough for nonsense.” – Maria Stewart

State AGs ask DeVos to protect federal student financial aid

An old adage teaches, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” In recent months, the troubled Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools tried and lost two legal attempts to recover eligibility for federal education funds.

The smugness, smiles of ‘good ol’ boys’ in government offices

Whenever I have watched movies having to do with race and specifically, Black people trying to get justice in a White world, what has bothered me most has been the smugness of law enforcement officers as they circumvent and avoid ...

Pursuing justice in America for Lent

The brilliant lawyer and author of the critically important book Just Mercy Bryan Stevenson said, “We have to judge how we’re doing in America, not by looking at how we treat the rich and the popular and the famous.

Private prisons slam door on justice

March 7 marked the 52nd anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the historic march and shocking police riot in Selma, Alabama, that helped build public support for passage of the Voting Rights Act.