Autoimmune diseases and lupus

More and more, we are all hearing about friends, family, and even celebrities who are “victims” of autoimmune diseases – especially Lupus.

Grilling can be bad for your health

If well-done burgers or charred hotdogs are your thing, you might want to read this:

Patients, health professionals observe World Sickle Cell Day

It’s been 100 years since sickle cell disease, a hereditary blood disorder, was first discovered. And, it’s no secret that an alarming number of children and adolescence have died, and the condition remained in the province of pediatrics, according to ...

Neurologist: Don’t forget to water your brain

Our brains and nervous system depend on adequate hydration.

Taking care of seniors in hot weather

We all suffer in hot weather. However, for elderly and disabled people and those with chronic health conditions such as vascular disease or diabetes, the weather does not have to hit 100 degrees to cause heat stress or even deadly ...

Counseling Corner: Learning to see change as a positive force

Life is full of changes. In business, in our families, and in our relationships with friends, nothing ever stays exactly the same.

Why social determinants of health matter

Social Determinants of Health are the areas of your social and environmental condition and experiences that directly impact your health and health status.

Counseling Corner: Forgetting what you meant to remember

As we grow older, most of us forget more often than we once did. Although memory loss is a natural part of the aging process, experts say it usually isn’t problematic for most people until after age 70.

Stroke and high blood pressure

For years, I have written weekly on matters of health that disproportionately impact our community, in typically negative ways.

America’s health care crisis: Is there a solution?

The United States health care system has the dubious honor – in a study by the Commonwealth Fund – of ranking dead last when compared to the systems of 10 of the top Western countries in the world.

Counseling Corner: What are your parenting goals?

Being a parent is certainly an experience in extremes. There are times when you can be so fulfilled and rewarded for what you’ve accomplished as a parent, yet plenty of other times when the best you can feel is stressed ...

Erasing Stigma: Research reveals mental illnesses is common, treatable

L.J. made three suicide attempts before age 16. But there was no official diagnosis of depression until his second attempt. Before that, he was labeled with a behavioral disorder. After his diagnosis, he began the long journey of finding the ...

Dialysis, infections and hepatitis

By definition, hemodialysis is pumping a patient’s blood through a filtration device to remove toxins that failing kidneys can no longer handle, and then pumping it back into the body.

Counseling Corner: It’s not just age that brings on that midlife crisis

Have you reached midlife yet? It’s a simple question, but a difficult one to answer. Adolescents may see midlife beginning at 30. Adults in their 40s may view 50 or 60 as when midlife begins.

Landmark Alzheimer’s study urgently seeks African American volunteers

More than 5 million Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and scientists expect this number to triple by 2050. African Americans are two to three times more likely than White Americans to develop the disease, according to experts.