Health: Less prostate cancer, screening seen after new guidance

Far fewer U.S. men are being diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer and getting blood tests to detect the disease since an influential government-appointed panel recommended against routine screening of all men, an American Cancer Society study found.

Give your family the gift of good health

As colder months approach, many families enjoy spending time together on the couch watching football

Genvoya, Gilead’s new four-in-one HIV pill

Federal regulators have approved a new four-in-one combination pill to treat HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Drug prices continue to soar

The problem of access to life-saving medicines is proving more deadly than many of the most deadly diseases themselves. Millions of people in developing countries will die within three years without immediate access to affordable antiretroviral medicines, according to the ...

Tips to keep child with diabetes safe at school

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in children, according to Griffin P. Rodgers, MD, MACP, director of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases of the National Institutes of Health.

Beating breast cancer with coverage, prevention and Precision Medicine

Earlier this year, Secretary Burwell met Laura Holmes Haddad in San Francisco. Haddad is an author, a mother and a survivor – specifically, a survivor of Stage IV breast cancer.

Report: North Carolina youth suicides double since 2010

The number of youth suicides in North Carolina increased by more than one-third between 2013 and 2014 and has doubled since the start of the decade, a child safety panel reported Monday in its annual review of child deaths in ...

Rethinking health, your next mammogram

Solis Mammography, a health care provider that specializes in mammography services, is on a mission to remind women that it’s time to schedule their annual mammogram, and Oct. 16 is National Mammography Day.

Food challenge: When children outgrow food allergy

Starting kindergarten marked new beginnings for Joy Haire and her parents, Will and Lisa Haire. Just before the school year started, through a Food Challenge,

Come Back Strong movement unites stroke survivors

Never before has there been a way for the nearly 6.5 million stroke survivors in the United States to rally together as they travel the path to recovery.

Bridging the Gap: Why your diet is missing critical nutrients

Today, our busy lifestyles make it challenging to ensure we’re getting all of the nutrients our body needs.

Healthy, affordable food choices made easy

It’s a common belief that eating healthy is more expensive. In fact, keeping healthy food affordable was among the top five most concerning life issues revealed by an annual consumer study by The Center for Food Integrity.

S.A.A.V.E.D., on a mission to restore the mind, body and soul

“HIV could be a scary issue, but it can also be a life-changing issue to the point where you can be given a second chance at life,” said Tyeshia Alston, co-founder of Set Apart Aiming Victoriously to Eliminate Diseases.

Straight Black men sidelined in AIDS fight

Heterosexual Black men were largely invisible at the 2015 United States Conference on AIDS last week, a long-term absence that will continue to impact the future of the AIDS epidemic in the Black community.

Glimmers of hope for mental health status of Blacks

Things are “moving in the right direction” in terms of the treatment of mental health and mental health disparities in the Black community, health officials say.