Heart failure diagnosis: Not a death sentence

Heart Failure is a scary term

Mental illness, stigma and African Americans

Since 1949, May has been recognized as Mental Health Month.

The health, function of the pancreas

Like many of you, more and more we are hearing about family, friends and loved ones facing a sudden issue with the Pancreas. Most people don’t know much about this organ, but in fact, it is an important part of ...

Medical tests that can save your life

Health indicators consistently confirm that African Americans suffer disproportionately from leading diseases, as well as die earlier. In light of this, it is especially important for African Americans to get accustomed to having regular screenings and exams. In doing so, ...

Texas awards millions for veterans’ mental health

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission announced Monday it will award $10 million in grant funds to 20 organizations across the state for phase three of the state’s Texas Veterans + Family Alliance grant program.

A look at prostate cancer

Dealing with the prostate is often the first significant experience many Black men have with the medical system. Typically, our decisions on how to handle it are often grounded in fear or mistrust and tend to be made with little ...

Why is this flu season so bad?

The flu is everywhere in the United States right now ... and it won’t be over any time soon.

Mini strokes can be a warning: a stroke may follow

Every two seconds someone has a stroke, and one in six people will suffer a stroke in their lifetime. Stroke is the third leading cause of death worldwide, with over 6 million people dying from strokes each year. With an ...

Importance of the church in community health

“Much of the work of ... prevention must occur at the community level, where human relationships breathe life into public policy. American communities are also home to scores of faith-based and secular initiatives that help reduce risk factors and promote ...

Counseling Corner: Laughing your way to better health

There are many factors that can have negative effects on us, but sometimes it’s important to focus on those things that can actually improve the quality of our lives.

Importance of knowing your vital signs

Anytime you go to the doctor, typically the first things that he/she begins to measure are your vital signs.

Medicaid work requirement

Today, one of the hottest political topics across the country is the impending “Medicaid work requirement.”

Counseling Corner: Valentine’s Day – A good excuse to improve a relationship

You may be someone who loves Valentine’s Day, is totally indifferent to it, or hates what an over-commercialized holiday it is, but regardless, it’s still a good opportunity to think about the romantic relationships in which we’re involved.

Correctional health nurse residency is first of its kind

In 2006, when Dallas County Commissioners asked Parkland Health & Hospital System to take over the health care services for inmates in the Dallas County Jail, Parkland leaders saw an opportunity to create a state-of-the-art care model that could be ...

Childbirth is killing Black mothers

Tennis superstar Serena Williams has revealed she needed an emergency C-section and had multiple surgeries after giving birth to her daughter Alexis.