Secretary Burwell announces steps to further strengthen HHS management team

Today, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell has named Leslie Dach to a newly created Senior Counselor position, to further strengthen the HHS leadership team and enhance the Department’s ability to deliver impact for the American people.

Addressing abuse of older Americans

Leaders in the fight against elder abuse announced on July 10 a framework for tackling the highest priority challenges to elder abuse prevention and prosecution, and called on all Americans to take a stand against the serious societal problem of ...

Tips to prevent food-borne illnesses in the summer

With summer comes fun in the sun, swimming in the lake, and picnics in the park. But while the kids are frolicking on the jungle gym, food-borne bacteria can be wreaking havoc with that special potato salad you made for ...

Teaching Health Centers receive $83.4 million to train providers

On Monday, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell announced that an award of $83.4 million in Affordable Care Act funding to support primary care residency programs would be provided to 60 Teaching Health Centers across the nation.

Concussions worse for Black youth

Despite the flurry of news about NFL lawsuits over concussions, the problem affects far more athletes at the high school and junior high school level, according to the federal government statistics.

‘Promising’ cancer treatments on the horizon

Cancer is the nation’s second-leading cause of death for both Blacks and Whites. While there is no known cure for cancer, a flurry of FDA approval requests to treat the most threatening cancer cases has researchers optimistic that progress is ...

Expert warns acetaminophen hazards often overlooked

It may be good for aches, pains and reducing fever, but acetaminophen – the active ingredient in hundreds of over-the-counter drugs – may not always be good for you, according to experts at Parkland Health and Hospital System.

Reparations for North Carolina sterilization victims

Victims who were sterilized in North Carolina between 1929 and 1974 – approximately 7,600 people – have until the end of June to file a claim with the state, according to government officials.

City urges residents to take precautions against West Nile virus

The city of Dallas is taking a proactive approach to protecting citizens against the West Nile virus by continuing its “fight the bite” campaign in 2014 with radio announcements, billboards, social media, brochures and community meetings.

Generic drug labeling changes cause concern

A proposed rule change for generic drug labels, crafted by the Food and Drug Administration, could cost patients, health care providers and drug manufacturers billions of dollars and limit access to affordable prescription drugs for minorities and the poor, according ...

Parkland CEO meets with community to determine hospital goals

Parkland Health and Hospital System’s new CEO and president, Dr. Fred Cerise, already has his plate full as the new man-in-charge.

Med students don’t wait to give back

According to the American Association of Medical Colleges, there are only 2.3 physicians for every 1,000 people in the United States.

If passed, the ABLE Act could help disabled to save

As of 2006, more than 2.4 million African Americans receiving Social Security benefits are disabled, or are the spouses or children of disabled, retired or deceased workers.

Start early for good oral health habits

You may wonder whether it’s important to take care of your child’s first teeth, which will fall out in early childhood.

What all women need to know

The face of medicine has dramatically changed through the advances of science and technology.