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Counseling Corner: Don’t let your child be overwhelmed by tests

Testing is a fact of life for students from elementary through high school. Whether it’s a required standardized test, or simply an exam or quiz from the teacher to measure progress and understanding, tests can be a major source of ...

Helping teenagers deal with peer pressure

As parents we like to think we’re the most important influence in our children’s lives.

Report: Economic downturn threatens U.S. in 2019

As the U.S. economy continues to grow by 3.1 percent this year, possibilities of an economic downturn threatens the nation by the start of 2019, according to a Congressional Budget Office report.

Sankofa Garden Homes: Home gardens promote a healthy life

As we begin our second year of the Sankofa Garden Homes articles, I would like to shift our focus for this article from the garden itself to the gardener.

In The Huddle: Empowerment for men

Chris Howell said he believes that to become a fully developed Black man in today’s society, it requires a multifaceted approach requiring work that reaches further than that which is skin-deep.

Eat well on-the-go: Perfectly portable watermelon dishes

A packed schedule often leads to less meals around the table. Between balancing family, friends, work and activities, it can be easy to reach for a pre-packaged snack on-the-go that lacks important vitamins and nutrients.

Sankofa Garden Homes: Happy anniversary! One year old and still growing

The saying is true, “My, how time flies.” Here we are celebrating the first anniversary of Sankofa Garden Homes.

Step Stool Chef: Local 10-year-old chef shares love of culinary arts

“My goal is not to compete against kids, but inspire them,” 10-year-old entrepreneur Julian Frederick sagely stated.

DIY car care everyone can do

While taking your car to an auto service professional is a great way to ensure its performance, the Car Care Council reminds vehicle owners there are few simple vehicle checks that they can easily learn and do themselves to save ...

Award winning authors to appear at TULISOMA

The 15th Tulisoma: South Dallas Book Fair will return Aug. 24 and Aug. 25 at The African American Museum in Fair Park. Tulisoma is Swahili for “we read,” and is a community-based festival promoting literacy in the South Dallas/Fair Park ...

Counseling Corner: Is your summer vacation really a vacation?

A vacation is a chance to get away from the normal routine of work and demands of daily life. When done right, a vacation should be a period of relaxation, enjoyment and recharging yourself. Research has shown that a vacation ...

Motivate Moms uplifts parents, community

Motivate Moms LLC is helping schools increase family engagement, one parent at a time. On June 4, it concluded its first year in operation as the most successful of over 60 programs in Calumet Public School District 132.

Sankofa Garden Homes: Juneteenth Freedom Gardens

As we approach the 153rd celebration of African freedom in Texas, known as Juneteenth

Summer outdoor entertaining tips

Summer brings plenty of opportunities to enjoy time outdoors entertaining family and friends. The key to a successful summer party is simplicity: keep things easy so you can enjoy the festivities right along with your guests.

DCHHS partners with Baylor wellness center to host community farm stands

Half a million Dallas residents live within more than one mile of a grocery store with the majority being in Southern Dallas, according to a March 2017 City of Dallas study.