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Pardons of Innocence: The Wilmington Ten exclusive showing

Pardons of Innocence: The Wilmington Ten is a controversial documentary that reveals the incidents surrounding the Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina that resulted in the false prosecution of eight Black male students,

Children of slain Gabrielle Simmons receive holiday shopping spree

“I want that,” exclaimed 5-year-old Nevaeh Simmons as she ran up and down the Target aisles, filling two red carts with $1,000 worth of toys.

Could pests be hiding in your fresh cut Christmas tree?

There could be more than just presents hiding beneath your Christmas tree this year. After all, “’tis the season for wintertime pest infestations.”

Sankofa Garden Homes: Holiday gifts fresh from the garden

As we prepare to engage in gift giving, many of us would not think of giving food as a gift. I can remember when we would give wrapped fruit baskets with red bows as gifts. While most people did not ...

Female leaders focus on Black girls

Black teens, especially young girls, are more likely by 8.3 percent to attempt suicide than White teens, according to a U.S HHS Office of Minority Health study.

Female leaders focus on racism, its effects on Southern Dallas communities

Environmental racism has impacted the city for years, and not many residents are aware of it or how it affects the city.

Sankofa Garden Homes: Harvest of thanks for bountiful blessings

Most of us may think the purpose of growing a garden is to produce a harvest. But producing a harvest alone is not the end-all of growing a garden.

Giving back: Active community assistance

Social responsibility comes in all shapes and sizes, but ultimately it comes down to one common purpose: making the world a better place. From volunteering at local shelters and community centers to feeding those in need at your local food ...

Black, Latino consumers targeted most by scammers

Buyers beware: Scammers are on the hunt. In 2016, U.S. consumers lost $744 million dollars through fraud, according to recent data compiled by the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC’s Consumer Fraud Survey also reported that 25.6 million people in this ...

Black novelist Jesmyn Ward ‘overjoyed’ by MacArthur win

An African American novelist praised for her raw and powerful depictions of poor African Americans confronting racial and economic inequalities in the rural South said that winning a MacArthur fellowship gives her time and freedom.

Simply savory, fresh meals

Farm-fresh is what many families desire. Straight from the farm to your table is one of the best ways you can ensure you’re delivering a nutritious and delicious meal for family or friends.

Sankofa Garden Homes: Growing, harvesting cotton and collard greens

This month I will be addressing two crops related to the African American experience: cotton and collard greens. In my first article, the picture reflected that I was growing not only okra, but cotton and collard greens. Since that article, ...

Cooking for the cure

If you love to entertain and want to support a good cause, now you can do both at the same time.

Neighborhoods We Called Home

“We’re actually the worst city when it comes to preservation,” Dr. George Keaton Jr. remarked during the Sept. 1 opening of the Neighborhoods We Called Home exhibition at Dallas Heritage Village. The Neighborhoods exhibit, a collaborative venture showcasing the history ...

Sankofa Garden Homes: Starting an above-ground garden

Last month, I introduced you the Sankofa Bird image and the Sankofa Adinkra symbol. This month, I would first like to expand on the Sankofa Adinkra symbol above. The reason is that from this point on, the Adinkra symbol will ...