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Counseling Corner: Learning to let your children make mistakes

What parent doesn’t want to protect their children, to see them safe, healthy and happy? Such concerns are part of our DNA, inherited from our cave-dwelling ancestors and their dangerous world. While today’s children don’t need protection from saber-toothed tigers, ...

Sankofa Garden Homes: Grandparents, grandchildren and gardens

One of the many fond memories I have of growing up is living with my maternal great-grandparents and grandparents. My parents were teachers and my oldest sister and I spent much of the first five years of our lives growing ...

Better, healthier baking with chocolate

Olive oil is a flavorful and versatile cooking oil that is often trusted in popular cooking methods such as sautéing, stir-frying, dressing, marinating and grilling. It can also be great when it comes to baking.

Counseling Corner: Are you ready to help a friend?

Humans beings are just naturally social creatures, some of us more so than others. Most of us enjoy our interactions with others, sharing thoughts and happenings and learning from our friends.

Sankofa Garden Homes: Happy Jubilee! Our freedom, our food

Across America on Dec. 3l, millions of African Americans gathered together in churches for Watch Night Services to pray 2018 out and 2019 in.

Day care abuse, neglect and deaths

More than 450 children were sexually abused and 88 others died of abuse and neglect in Texas day care facilities in the last decade, according to an Austin American-Statesman investigation published Dec. 6.

Counseling Corner: Face it – Holidays are rarely perfect

Seasonal TV shows, sparkling gifts in stores, magazines full of beautiful holiday scenes. We’re often shown the holiday season as an amazing and joyful time, but maybe your personal holidays aren’t quite so perfect. And this can be disappointing for ...

Take holiday hosting to the next level

It can be easy to impress your holiday guests without overdoing it in the kitchen by putting to use recipes that require little time to prep.

A daughter’s journey: DNA test helps unite lost family members

For the past 38 years, Monique Stone has been on an amazing personal journey to find two people in her life that she never got a chance to know: her birth parents. Stone,

Counseling Corner: Getting the most from that visit to the doctor

This time of year tends to bring on more illnesses. So it’s especially important to pay attention if you have an elderly parent or other relative or friend who may need help facing the flu or other illnesses.

Five hacks for hosting stress-free holiday gatherings

It may feel impossible to fit even more into already jam-packed days, but when the holidays roll around, entertaining and celebrating always find a way. Fortunately, you can find some shortcuts when hosting that offer plenty of festive style while ...

Savor simplicity: Holiday recipes worth sharing

Most great holiday gatherings start with great food and end with quality time spent with loved ones. This holiday season, rely on simple recipes that let you spend less time in the kitchen and more time celebrating special moments with ...

Counseling Corner: Holiday celebrating without the guilt

The holidays are a fairly emotional time of the year for most of us. For some people, the holiday period brings memories of warm family gatherings and happy times. For others, it may bring feelings of depression related to loved ...

Sankofa Garden Homes: Collard Greens Chicken Soup for the soul

It has been said, “There is nothing new under the sun,” particularly if you Google it today. While all my articles have been about Sankofa Garden Homes outdoors, this month my mind turned to what to do with the harvest ...

Counseling Corner: Making holiday travel a better experience

We are entering one of the busiest and most stressful travel periods of the year.