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Counseling Corner: Taking control of those end of the school year tests

From elementary through high schools, our children are faced with tests meant to measure just how well the school year has gone. Schools need to know how much of the knowledge that was being handed out all year has managed ...

Sankofa Garden Homes: Planting by Good Friday’s moon

When Good Friday, March 30, finally arrived I was filled with great anticipation. As I mentioned last month, many of our ABA – or Africans Who Built America – ancestors used the Farmer’s Almanac to decide when to plant. At ...

Counseling Corner: Have you been losing the “joy” in your life?

According to the dictionary, joy is the emotion brought on by well-being, success or good fortune.

Sankofa Gardening Homes: Getting ready for Good Friday

This month, we will we reflect on our ABA – or Africans Who Built America – ancestors who broke the soil to prepare it for the annual spring planting and summer growing seasons.

Kickstart healthy habits in children

When it seems that everyone around you is feeling under the weather, you can be your own best line of defense against getting sick. Help ward off sickness for yourself and your family with these self-care tips that help promote ...

Counseling Corner: Helping a child handle disappointment

Disappointment comes to everyone. As adults we, hopefully, have learned that when people or activities may sometimes let us down, we can keep such things in perspective and find ways to overcome our dashed hopes.

Wakanda: African fashion on display at Black Panther shows

The vibrant African fashion of Black Panther was on display at multiplexes around the country Feb. 15 as moviegoers flocked to the first showings of Marvel’s latest superhero blockbuster. There were attendees in all-black or black formal attire, but what ...

Counseling Corner: It doesn’t always have to be a teen vs parent fight

Parents and teenagers are always going to disagree about some things. It’s simply the nature of the beast.

Sankofa Garden Homes: Heritage Gardening and African American History Month

This being the first Sankofa Garden Homes article written during African American History month, I felt it was important to address what I call “Heritage Gardening.”

Pardons of Innocence: The Wilmington Ten exclusive showing

Pardons of Innocence: The Wilmington Ten is a controversial documentary that reveals the incidents surrounding the Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina that resulted in the false prosecution of eight Black male students,

Children of slain Gabrielle Simmons receive holiday shopping spree

“I want that,” exclaimed 5-year-old Nevaeh Simmons as she ran up and down the Target aisles, filling two red carts with $1,000 worth of toys.

Could pests be hiding in your fresh cut Christmas tree?

There could be more than just presents hiding beneath your Christmas tree this year. After all, “’tis the season for wintertime pest infestations.”

Sankofa Garden Homes: Holiday gifts fresh from the garden

As we prepare to engage in gift giving, many of us would not think of giving food as a gift. I can remember when we would give wrapped fruit baskets with red bows as gifts. While most people did not ...

Female leaders focus on Black girls

Black teens, especially young girls, are more likely by 8.3 percent to attempt suicide than White teens, according to a U.S HHS Office of Minority Health study.

Female leaders focus on racism, its effects on Southern Dallas communities

Environmental racism has impacted the city for years, and not many residents are aware of it or how it affects the city.