Obama, Castro seek a new dialogue and a new reality

President Barack Obama added another notch to his diplomatic achievements-belt April 11, meeting for more than an hour in Panama City with Cuban President Raúl Castro, the first meeting between leaders of the two countries in more than 50 years.

Dallas encouraged to ‘Arrive with 5’

Over the past six weeks, Monday Night Politic-Meet the Candidates, presented by The Dallas Examiner, has offered the community an opportunity to listen directly to candidates in their district as they discussed their platform and why they would make the ...

Around the State

Dallas LIFE is in urgent need of donations for allergy and cold relief. It has asked the community to assist with supplying unopened new bottles and packages of sinus, allergy and hay fever non-drowsy medication; children’s cough syrup and cough ...

Monday Night Politics forum features candidates for Dallas ISD – District 9

The final forum for Monday Night Politics–Meet the Candidates featured the Dallas Independent School District candidates for District 9, incumbent Bernadette Nutall and her opponent Damarcus Offord at the African American Museum on April 6. The May 9 ballot will ...

Eggs & Issues: Commuting in South Dallas

With a focus on improving the commuting experience for residents in South Dallas, the most recent Eggs & Issues forum highlighted the Trinity Corridor Project and the Southern Gateway Projects, two proposed road projects that will ease traffic in the ...

Monday Night Politics: Mayoral candidates

Three candidates are seeking to become mayor for the city of Dallas in the upcoming election. Incumbent Mike Rawlings is seeking a second term and facing opponents attorney Marcos Ronquillo and retired engineer Richard Sheridan.

All eyes fixed on Ferguson’s April 7 election

If the Black residents of Ferguson, Missouri, want to radically reform the political climate that encouraged police to disproportionately ticket, fine and arrest them to collect revenue for the city coffers, they’ll have to do more than embrace non-violent acts ...

Monday Night Politics forum featured candidates for Dallas City Council District 8

It was another round of Monday Night Politics – Meet the Candidates on March 23 as candidates for Dallas City Council District 8 took the stage at the African American Museum to discuss their qualifications.

Black women protest delay in confirming Loretta Lynch

Hundreds of Black women and girls representing the Black Women’s Roundtable descended on the nation’s capital last week to petition the Senate to confirm U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch as the next attorney general.

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On March 27, Congressman Marc Veasey unveiled H.R. 1645, the Transportation for Elderly and Disabled Americans Act that would reinstate an allowance for cities such as Arlington, Grand Prairie and Mesquite, Texas, to use federal transit funding for operation and ...

Millennial coalition to host cultural event

Weapons of Mass Empowerment, a coalition of civically engaged citizens committed to improving voter turnout, educational equity, police brutality and economic empowerment in Dallas, has joined forces with Creating Our Future, a group of artists that engages creative thinking to ...

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The Lancaster Criminal Investigation Division is currently investigating an incident that occurred on Friday. At approximately 11:55 p.m., Lancaster Police Department responded to a shooting in progress in the 1500 block of Reynolds Drive. Officers received information that gunshots were ...

Republican budget would shred safety net

The Republican House budget will shred the social safety net designed to protect the most vulnerable citizens, severely cutting programs ranging from student loans to food stamps, according to a nonpartisan think thank.

Giuliani supports Loretta Lynch nomination

In recent weeks, Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, claimed that President Barack Obama didn’t love America, blamed the president for creating the atmosphere that led to the shootings of two police officers being shot in Ferguson, ...

Feed Oak Cliff strives to uplift community

It’s a shoppers’ utopia, if you are not used to going to colorful and organized grocery stores filled with fresh fruit and vegetables – cleaned, chopped and ready to dine on.