Advocates oppose Trump’s budget

Advocates for minority communities say President Donald Trump’s proposed budget answers the question he famously posed to Black Americans during his campaign, “What the hell do you have to lose?”

Power and Influence in Southern Dallas: The voices of a few citizens

From potholes and overgrown grass to revitalizing a neighborhood and building a new part, it’s all politics. Politicians literally run the city. Groups like city councilmembers work together with the city’s mayor to discuss and vote on the city’s tax ...

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The inaugural Juneteenth Economic Forum and Marketplace Expo, presented by the Zan Wesley Holmes Jr. Community Outreach Center, will be held June 16 and June 17

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ongtime Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price will not be retried on tax-fraud charges that jurors were deadlocked on, a federal prosecutor has said. U.S. Attorney John Parker announced his decision Friday.

Texas House revives previously stalled ‘lunch shaming’ ban

The Texas House has revived a much-watched bill to keep schools from stigmatizing children while trying to collect parents’ lunch debts.

S.T.A.C.: Rehabilitating lives

On the surface, the Successful Treatment of Addiction through Collaboration graduation ceremony, held May 12, was a yearly ceremonial statement that 27 felons arrested between 2008 to 2012 had completed their drug rehabilitation and, in some cases, were also being ...

Sessions sparks fear with push for harsh sentences

The nation’s federal prosecutors should bring the toughest charges possible against most crime suspects, Attorney General Jeff Sessions instructed in a move that critics assailed as a return to failed drug-war policies that unduly affected minorities and filled prisons with ...

Commissioner John Wiley Price:What the hell is really going on?

It’s been a long road for Commissioner John Wiley Price as he waited – along with his many supporters and critics – to hear “not guilty” on seven charges against him. “It’s both bitter and sweet,” Price expressed.

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Commissioner Ryan Sitton and the Railroad Commission are now using 360-degree technology to offer a virtual reality tour of Texas energy. It follows Sitton and San Antonio District Director Travis Baer on an Eagle Ford Shale drilling rig; including the ...

Reducing pollution through Plasticity

The city of Dallas, specifically the Southern Dallas area, has encountered many environmental issues recently. In February, the Dallas Independent School District released a water report highlighting several schools with high levels of copper and lead in the water.

National African American museum tour in great demand

Lucille Simpson, far right, and her daughter Gwendolyn Norman, both from Detroit, Michigan, wait in line to enter the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Cultural on the National Mall in Washington, May 1. The hottest ticket in ...

Hamilton Park Community becomes historical marker

As the classic Marcus Garvey saying goes, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

Trump says Civil War could have been avoided

The U.S. president recently attempted to tackle a historical question about America’s Civil War.

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African Americans are three times more likely to develop kidney failure than White Americans. Despite that fact that African Americans make up only 12 percent of the U.S. population, African Americans make up 35 percent of patients awaiting kidney transplants, ...

Commissioner John Wiley Price found 'not guilty'

Commissioner John Wiley Price was found not guilty of bribery and mail fraud charges Friday, while the jury failed to reach a verdict on other counts.