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Uniting women leaders for world peace

Since terrorists attacked the United States of America on Sept. 11, 2001, the nation has been torn by war, blood, gun violence, death and an economic recession.

Southern Dallas highway in danger of demolition

Drivers who use Interstate 345 to travel from Southern Dallas to Northern Downtown can relax – at least for now. The Texas Department of Transportation has decided to repair the 1.4-mile-long freeway, that connects Interstate 45 and Interstate 75, until ...

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The American Red Cross has requested that all eligible donors help save lives by giving blood in honor of World Blood Donor Day. Every year on June 14, countries from around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day by raising ...

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, half of all Americans aged 65 and older have prediabetes, a potentially reversible condition that places them at very high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. In 2010, nearly 282,000 seniors ...

NAACP Presidential Selection Process Again Mired in Controversy

Five years ago, Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III, senior pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church, was named as the top candidate five years ago to become president and CEO of the NAACP by a search firm hired by the NAACP.

Community Conversation: Improving education in Dallas

The topic of improving education has been a heated debate in Dallas for the past decade. Not only has this issue been a local and state debate, but it has also drawn national attention as well.

Students, educators present post-Brown Challenge

In 1954, Lucinda Todd was one of 13 plaintiffs in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case that declared “separate but equal” unconstitutional. Last week, her granddaughter Lucinda Noches Talbert stood on the steps of the Supreme ...

Controversy surrounds ‘My Brother’s Keeper’

A controversy last week over potential funding linked to President Barack Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative underscored concerns that groups led by people of color have expressed over access to public and private sector resources.

Sentenced to die: Too many innocent Blacks executed

Since 1973, more than 300 innocent defendants have been sentenced to death, largely because Blacks are overrepresented among murder convictions and among those who are wrongfully condemned to die, according to a recent report.

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Promise House, an organization that helps homeless, runaway and at-risk youth

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The 20th Annual Older Americans Information and Health Fair, themed “Safe Today, Healthy Tomorrow,” will be held May 15. Hosted by Dallas Area Rapid Transit, the Dallas Area Agency on Aging and the City of Dallas Park and Recreation, the ...

NAACP president has history of ‘selling out’

Leon Jenkins, the Los Angeles branch NAACP president who awarded L.A. Clippers basketball team owner Donald Sterling with a Lifetime Achievement award among other commendations, lived, worked and won notoriety in Detroit.

Bridging the generation gap

“As of 2014, we have large incarcerations of Black men, along with the health disparities that exist in our communities.

Wrongfully convicted man files suit against city

“My life has been in upheaval for five years.”

Monday Night Community Conversations - Dallas' Education System

The Dallas Examiner will host Monday Night Community Conversations on the last Monday of each month. It’s not a forum. It’s not a lecture. It’s not a workshop. It’s a conversation with the community regarding issues of concern for the ...