Julian Bond praised for unselfish devotion to human rights

Julian Bond, a founding member and communications director of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and immediate past board chairman of the NAACP, is being praised for his lifelong human rights contributions by people ranging from President Obama and his former ...

Honda to pay $25 million settlement for discriminatory lending

After a probe by the Department of Justice, American Honda Finance will pay $24 million to African American, Hispanic, and Asian and Pacific Islanders who were overcharged higher interest rates on car loans. An additional $1 million will be paid ...

Unemployment dips to 7-year low for Blacks

The Black unemployment rate tumbled to 9.1 percent in July, the lowest rate for Black workers in seven years, according to the latest jobs report from the U.S. Labor Department.

Activists call for federal investigation into death of Sandra Bland

A broad coalition of civil rights groups delivered more than 500,000 signed petitions to the Justice Department demanding that Attorney General Loretta Lynch launch a full investigation into the death of Sandra Bland and into the practices and policies of ...

Gun violence in the United States – a human rights failure

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has given the U.S. a series of failing grades on human rights, including failing to meet international human rights standards on gun violence; the uneven implementation of controversial stand your ground laws; violating personal ...

Broken Promises, Bias, Brutality & Bail

The National Bar Association’s 90th annual convention’s message of fighting police brutality mirrored the fight Black Americans face every day. The convention, with its theme “A Legacy of Service.

Legacy of ‘first lady of the Black Press’

When James McGrath Morris set out to write his latest book, he didn’t know how timely it would be. When Eye on the Struggle: Ethel Payne, the First Lady of the Black Press hit shelves, Essence magazine had just released ...

Loretta Lynch to NAACP: ‘Our work is not finished’

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch pushed the NAACP to keep fighting for equality in education, economics and the criminal justice system in her speech at the organization’s Freedom Fund/Thalheimer Awards ceremony on the evening of July 15 in Philadelphia.

Obama says race infects U.S. criminal justice system

Hours after announcing his administration had secured a multinational pact with Iran to limit their nuclear program, President Barack Obama told the crowd July 14 that race has always played an outsized role in incarceration.

Symbols are important to Black America

Five days after South Carolina retired the Confederate flag with much fanfare, a small group of protesters in Oklahoma City greeted President Barack Obama with Confederate flags.

NAACP chief Brooks focuses on future

Touching on topics from across the nation, including the Confederate battle flag, the recent string of church burnings in the South, the tragic shooting and loss of nine lives at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina, the on-going campaign ...

NAACP convention draws prominent speakers

The NAACP’s 106th annual convention is drawing a slate of notable public officials. President Barack Obama delivered a keynote address Tuesday afternoon at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Obama’s remarks centered around reforming the criminal justice system.

Obama urged to appoint reparations commission

In the wake of the mass murder of nine Black church members in Charleston, South Carolina, and the rash of unsolved fires at Black churches in the South, a coalition of Black groups are calling on President Barack Obama to ...

Some prisoners forced to pay for stay

More than 40 states allow prison and jails to charge inmates pay to stay fees, a debt burden that reaps billions of dollars for state and local jurisdictions, and disproportionately affects Black inmates and ex-offenders, according to a report by ...

Slavery linked to segregation in Southern schools

There is a direct correlation between the geographic concentration of slavery and today’s K-12 school segregation, according to a new study.