Monday Night Politics – Meet the Candidates forums

The Dallas Examiner will present Monday Night Politics – Meet the Candidates forums for the March 6, 2018 Primary Election.

Black women seek rewards from Democrats after helping Alabama race

Once again, Black women showed up for Democrats, with nearly all of them voting in Alabama for new Sen. Doug Jones, just as they did for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot in other states over the last few ...

Trump says he may pay more under new tax bill … Not likely

President Donald Trump keeps telling voters that he stands to pay more under the Republican tax legislation. But the evidence suggests otherwise. Details of the House and Senate tax bills show that an extremely wealthy elite – including the president, ...

Texas’ first African American gubernatorial candidate

Candidate filings for next year’s March 6 primary elections are officially opened, with the potential for a new Texas governor underway.

Federal judge tosses voter ID law again

A federal judge who has compared Texas’ voter ID requirements to a “poll tax” on minorities once again blocked the law Wednesday, rejecting a weakened version backed by the Trump administration and dealing Texas Republicans another court defeat over voting ...

Texas Legislative Sessions: What people would be surprised to know

During the 85th legislative session, which ended May 29, a total of 10,672 bills were filed on behalf of the people of Texas with 4,960 passed and 51 vetoed. Most of the remaining bills died before making it to Gov. ...

New laws could impact the Black community in a positive way

Each year, the 150-member Texas House of Representatives and 31-member Texas Senate gather in Austin during the Texas Legislative Session to discuss and vote on bills that govern Texas.

Town hall meeting offers update on Legislative session

“This was a very contentious session.

Senate GOP health bill: Tax cuts for rich, hardship for elderly and poor

Senate Republicans’ new health bill cuts taxes by nearly $1 trillion over the next decade, mostly for corporations and the richest families in America. It uses a budget gimmick to comply with Senate rules against adding to the federal government’s ...

Politics: CBC turns down Trump’s invitation

The Congressional Black Caucus turned down an invitation to meet with President Donald Trump, telling him they believe their concerns are falling on “deaf ears” at the White House and his policies are devastating to the millions of Americans in ...

Must-do for Congress: Raise debt limit, pass spending

Even members of his own party were quick to declare President Donald Trump’s budget plan dead on arrival in Congress last month. And in fact, lawmakers are facing a burst of overdue budget-related work this summer.

Highlights from in and around the world of Texas politics

As the Texas legislative session came to a close as of Monday’s final adjournment, lawmakers worked to resolve lingering issues. The following is a look at how the laws will affect education, voting, the justice system and air space.

Monday Night Politics presents candidates for the runoff election

Monday Night Politics: Meet the Candidates, presented by The Dallas Examiner, was held May 22 at the African American Museum in Fair Park for the June 10 runoff elections. Candidates seeking the seats for Dallas City Council District 7 and ...

Advocates oppose Trump’s budget

Advocates for minority communities say President Donald Trump’s proposed budget answers the question he famously posed to Black Americans during his campaign, “What the hell do you have to lose?”

Texas House revives previously stalled ‘lunch shaming’ ban

The Texas House has revived a much-watched bill to keep schools from stigmatizing children while trying to collect parents’ lunch debts.