Monday Night Politics: Candidates spar for judicial seats

Candidates running for Dallas County judgeships expressed their qualifications and views before a crowded auditorium during Monday Night Politics – Meet the Candidates on Jan. 27 at the African American Museum in Fair Park.

Monday Night Politics: Candidates talk budgets, business and technology

The race to get elected in key political positions in the Dallas region for the upcoming primary elections continued as another round of candidates championed for their cause at the Jan. 20 discussion of Monday Night Politics – Meet the ...

Monday Night Politics: Local, state reps. face off

Several candidates engaged in disputatious dialogues with their opponents about why they should win office during the second round of Monday Night Politics – Meet the Candidates on Jan. 13 at the African American Museum in Fair Park.

Monday Night Politics: Incumbents take center stage at political forum

The right to vote is considered one of the greatest privileges to have in this country. For the African American community, being able to vote has been a long, hard-fought battle that took many decades to win as part of ...

Monday Night Politics – Meet the Candidates

Monday Night Politics – Meet the Candidates, presented by The Dallas Examiner for Primary Elections March 4, 2014, will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Mondays from Jan. 6 though Feb. 17 at the African American Museum, ...

Big voting changes coming to the South in 2014

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin blogged in The New Yorker recently that voting rights cases will be one of the top seven legal stories of 2014.

White candidate accused of fooling Black voters

Bruce Austin, a longtime member of the Houston Community College Board of Trustees, said he lost the recent November election because of deception on the part of his opponent.

Blacks continue fight to secure voting rights

When lawmakers ratified the 15th Amendment in 1870, protecting voting rights for Blacks, opponents of the law lashed out, violently at times,

Voter ID law already impacting Texas election

With Tuesday’s constitutional amendment election behind us, we have had our first experience with Texas’ new restrictive voter ID law.

Fading Texas from red to blue

Sen. Royce West invited community leaders and members to a hearty breakfast at the RUSHtaurant of IBOC to inform them of the “State of the Democratic Party” and to spark a discussion on how to turn the state of Texas ...

Every election matters – including this one

This year, Texas is calling on its citizens to vote on changes to our state constitution, and Election Day is Nov. 5. The early voting period for this election will run from Oct. 21 through today. During the early voting ...

Texas Constitutional Amendment Election

Early voting for the Nov. 5, Constitutional Amendment election began Oct. 21 and runs through Nov. 1. Those voting during Early Voting can cast a ballot at a time and location more convenient to their schedule than waiting for Election ...

U.S. government reopens, avoids default

President Barack Obama signed a bill into law early in the morning on Oct. 16 that ended the 16-day government shutdown and averted an impending financial crisis by raising the debt ceiling.

Government shutdown harder on Black workers

Although the shutdown of the federal government that began Tuesday is affecting all Americans, a disproportionate portion of the 800,000 furloughed federal workers are African Americans, according to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

Congress cuts SNAP funding to America’s vulnerable

Texas households with children suffered extraordinarily high rates of food hardship during the recession, according to a new national report released Sept. 19. In five years of telephone surveys conducted through 2012, over 1 in 4 – 27.4 percent – ...