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U.S. foreign policy led to the border crisis

I have been increasingly concerned by the near hysteria in connection with the Central American immigrant children who have attempted to enter the USA, fleeing from poverty, crime and violence.

Fans are complicit in the injuries of Tony Dorsett and others

The recent news about NFL Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett was more than unsettling. Having been diagnosed with the early stages of chronic encephalopathy, an illness directly related to head traumas, he feels his life slipping away from him.

Black revolutionary Assata Shakur is no terrorist

When the FBI announced that they were placing fugitive Assata Shakur (Joanne Chesimard) on the list of the most wanted terrorists and that they were offering an additional $1 million for her capture, it caught most of the world by complete surprise. Shakur has been living quietly in exile in Cuba where she was given political asylum for the past 30 years. The former member of the Black Liberation Army escaped captivity after being tried and convicted ‒ under controversial circumstances ‒ in connection with the killing of a New Jersey State policeman. Several other allegations against her were dropped either through acquittals or mistrials.

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