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Casey Thomas

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It’s time to grow up: Voting in every election

We can no longer wait to vote in presidential elections. We have too much at stake to sit out any election that is held in our community.

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It’s time to grow up: Our eduction system

I have spent the majority of my career in education, either as a classroom teacher or as an educational consultant.

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It’s time for us to grow up: Our health

“When I was a child, I thought as a child, I spoke as a child, I acted as a child. But when I grew up I put away childish things.” – First Corinthians 13:11

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It’s time to ask: Am I my brother’s keeper?

President Barack Obama last week made a historic announcement to address an issue that has systematically had a devastating impact on a segment of the population in this country.

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What if Michael Dunn was Black?

By now, most people are familiar with who Michael Dunn is. If not, they have heard the name Jordan Davis

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You can’t change things from the outside

This weekend at my church, True Lee Missionary Baptist Church, we made plans to go immediately after service and walk the neighborhood.

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Your health care: It’s a matter of life, death

This past week, I was invited to attend a press conference at Paul Quinn College with U.S. House member Eddie Bernice Johnson, Dr. Juanita Wallace, president of the Dallas NAACP, Mr. Michael Sorrell, president of Paul Quinn College, and Kathleen Sebelius, the U.S. secretary of health and human services.

A bright future in the hands of Black youth

I had the pleasure to attend the fifth annual African American Male Academic Bowl this past Saturday on the campus of the University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson.

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How bad do you want to change?

Happy New Year! I’m hoping that your start to 2014 is much greater than 2013 ever was! Didn’t know I was a motivational speaker, huh? This is the time of year that we make resolutions of how we want to improve our lives. Many of us say that we are going to lose weight.

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Celebrating Kwanzaa all year round

Habari Gani! This is the greeting that is shared within African American families as they celebrate the cultural holiday, Kwanzaa. More than 50 years ago, Dr. Malauna Karenga founded this event as an opportunity to celebrate African culture here in the United States.

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