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Cheryl Pearson-McNeil

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‘Tis the season for smart shopping

I’ve spent the last three years of this column sharing with you important facts about African Americans’ consumer power.

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What’s in our shopping carts? The flow of African American dollars

With a current buying power of $1 trillion, manufacturers and marketers should be paying careful attention to the shopping patterns of African American consumers.

African American consumer power still matters

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the Resilient, Receptive and Relevant: The African-Consumer 2013 Report. This is Nielsen’s and the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s third comprehensive, in-depth report on African American consumers

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Shopping ‘til we drop – Our consumer power

I have a black belt in retail therapy, so I was thrilled when I first saw Nielsen’s new in-depth report, Brick by Brick: the State of the Shopping Center, because it confirms two very important things: our economy is growing stronger because jobs are being created and money is being spent; and as consumers, we are stronger than ever.

Be informed next time you stroll down the beauty aisles

When it comes to looking good, staying on top of your game, and making sure your pursuit of beauty is on point, you know the African American community has that covered. Nielsen’s latest insights highlight hair and skin beauty purchases and behavior, by the numbers among African Americans and other ethnic groups in the U.S. and Canada in a recent Nielsen Wire post titled Looking Good: Appealing to Ethnic Consumers in the Beauty Aisle.

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Zero and counting: Technology changes media viewing

(NNPA) Are you a Zero-TV household? No, I don’t mean restricting the kids’ television viewing to the weekends or until after they’ve completed homework. I mean – do you watch television the traditional way or on any of the growing techy options available to us? So many of us are watching video content on our phones, computers or tablets, that Nielsen designates this group of consumers: Zero-TV Households. This consumer segment is so significant; it will soon be included in our measured samples.

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Women are wired differently - more power to them

As I write, Chaka Khan's empowering I'm Every Woman loops in my head - like a soundtrack. (By the way, have you seen her lately? All slim, trim and more fabulous than ever.) It's Women's History Month and the lyrics to that iconic anthem should be resonating with all women, and those who love us, as we celebrate ourselves and the countless contributions we make every day - both large and small - that keep the world turning.