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Ray Charles could see that!

If the legendary entertainer Ray Charles was still with us, he, no doubt, would have had someone read to him the special report by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, since he was sightless for the majority of his life.

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NRA scandal: Please don’t shoot me!

One of the groups that fiercely fought for Donald Trump to become president during the 2016 presidential election was the National Rifle Association, whose leadership contends that the solution to our nation’s gun violence epidemic is for citizens to arm themselves, including cloistered nuns and elementary school crossing guards.

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Preventing domestic abuse

Democrats in the House of Representatives stood up for victims of domestic violence, and said no to the National Rifle Association when the House overwhelmingly voted last week to expand the Violence against Women Act by restricting the sale of weapons to men convicted of domestic abuse, something that the gun lobby vehemently and aggressively opposes.

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The mental health crisis in the United States

Our country’s mental health system is in shambles, and many of the most severely ill are being harshly excluded from treatment systems. Many of the most severely ill are destitute or homeless.

Tell everyone about the Affordable Care Act!

All of us must continue to support the Affordable Care Act and the opportunity that it provides for nearly 6 million Texans to purchase affordable health care coverage for the first time.

The government shutdown is insane, irresponsible

It has been nearly two weeks since some of the basic functions of our government have been shut down because the extreme right wing of the Republican Party in Congress opposes the Affordable Care Act, and is holding the entire nation hostage because of its position.

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Nine Years Under: Coming of age in an urban funeral home

There are many tales and whispers about what happens to the human body after death. What processes are really involved as a mortician prepares a body for viewing and ultimately, burial? Sheri Booker, author of Nine Years Under gives direct access to areas of the funeral home that most people have never seen, nor heard of.

Policy changes: Fairness in sentencing

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently announced key policy changes designed to reduce our nation’s prison population. Under Holder’s plan, the Justice Department will no longer hand out unduly harsh sentences to low-level drug offenders who have no connections to gangs and drug trafficking. Holder’s plan makes absolutely good sense.

Voting without rights: I recall having to pay a poll tax

With its ruling on the Voting Rights Act, the Supreme Court has taken the country back to a time when racial minorities were not able to participate equitably in the voting process. The court’s decision is disgraceful to civil rights leaders and legislators who have fought to preserve equal voting rights in this country.