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Declaring class war on ‘the least of these’

The Bible’s injunction that we shall be judged by how we have treated the “least of these” (Mathew 25:40) appears in different forms in virtually every religion or faith. And surely the measure of a country is how it treats the most vulnerable of its people – children in the dawn of life, the poor in the valley of life, the ailing in the shadows of life, the elderly in the dusk of life.

End the NCAA’s plantation economics

“It cannot be said that the employed scholarship players are ‘primarily students.’”

Change Comes when Change is Demanded

The 50th anniversary of Lyndon Johnson’s declaration of a War on Poverty brought long overdue attention to his commitment.

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Medicaid fight has GOP governors standing at hospital door

The tea party effort to torpedo health care reform at the federal level has been repelled, but only after the campaign shut down the government, threatened default on the U.S. debt and cost the country billions.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s unfinished symphony of freedom

This weekend, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, best known for Dr. Martin Luther King’s I have a Dream.

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An economic divide is growing in our cities

What is the plan for our nation’s cities? Are they simply to simmer with a growing divide between the affluent financial district and the impoverished slums? Will another generation be lost while we wait for the inevitable explosions? The gulf between the realities of our cities and the foolishness of our politics has seldom been wider.

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On the issues of race in society today, Supreme Court is out of touch

In its decision June 24, on affirmative action, the Supreme Court punted. It reviewed the University of Texas’ affirmative action program – in which race is admittedly “a factor of a factor of a factor” in admission, one of many factors used with a university committed to the educational benefits of a diverse student body – and said the lower court had to give it even stricter scrutiny. Or, in essence, take another, harsher look and come back next year.

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Wake-up call: More youth priced out of college

Rainbow PUSH Coalition

Morehouse College, one of the most distinguished Historically Black Colleges with graduates like Dr. Martin Luther King, former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson, film director Spike Lee and others literally shut down for spring break last week. As its 2,000 students took their break, every member of the faculty and staff was furloughed without pay as the college struggles to balance its books.

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