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Taxpayers fund corporate tax avoiders, legislative gridlock

Last quarter’s rate of economic growth is good news, especially after the economy stalled, losing momentum in the first quarter of 2014

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The tilted scale, the high cost of injustice

What if we didn’t incarcerate people who commit non-violent crimes? Or, if we sentenced them, what if their sentences were reasonable, instead of intolerable?

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Stimulating students during summer

It’s mid-July. Do you know if your children are learning? Just a month ago they were eager to leave the regimentation of the daily classroom to “enjoy the summer.”

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They get it: Ikea and the Gap fill the wage gap

President Obama would like the national minimum wage to rise to $10.10 an hour. By executive order, he has already raised the minimum wage for federal contractors. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, has threatened to sue Obama for his use of executive order, which he says circumvents Congressional authority.

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Blacks have not recovered from the recovery

Judging from its June 18-19 meeting, the Federal Reserve is hedging its bets. It says the U.S. economy is on the mend, but more slowly than expected. They’ve reduced their estimate for economic growth and say that it will take a year or more to get to where we were six years ago.

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Did the UNCF make a deal with the devil?

When the Koch Foundation gave the United Negro College Fund $25 million, it set off a maelstrom of comments in cyberspace and real time

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A pledge to keep to our youth of the other 99 percent

As young people graduate from high school, or finish the school year as sophomores and juniors, they begin to search for summer jobs. For the past several summers, the jobs have not been there, and this summer will be no different. It is true that economists are projecting a better employment situation for the college graduates who are entering the labor market now. At the same time, those high school graduates who must save money for college incidentals or for other needs will have a hard time finding work.

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Maya Angelou: Generous heart, formidable strength

Many people will remember Maya Angelou for her phenomenal career. She was a true Renaissance woman – an author, teacher, dancer, performer, radio personality and a producer.

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Inadequate care, housing dishonors our veterans

The last Monday in May, Memorial Day, was designed to honor those who died in service to our country. It is tragically ironic that around the same time we are honoring and remembering the dead, we are learning about deficiencies in the Department of Veterans Affairs that negatively affects the quality of life for those who were injured during their term of service.

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Response to Nigerian atrocities too slow

Long after completing his eight-year presidency, William Jefferson Clinton acknowledged that he should have intervened in the conflict in Rwanda

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