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In The Huddle: Empowerment for men

Chris Howell said he believes that to become a fully developed Black man in today’s society, it requires a multifaceted approach requiring work that reaches further than that which is skin-deep.

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Step Stool Chef: Local 10-year-old chef shares love of culinary arts

“My goal is not to compete against kids, but inspire them,” 10-year-old entrepreneur Julian Frederick sagely stated.

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Career fair offers second chance

“In 2012, I made the biggest mistake of my life. It cost me my job, my health and has threatened my family,” Kenneth Gower stated. “I have struggled to get my life back on track, putting in application after application, going to interview after interview, all to no avail. My wife has stuck beside me, working as much as two jobs. And my youngest, 17, took in a summer job just to help out. I hate seeing it. I’m not asking for a hand out, just a second chance.”

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From Hustling to wholeness

Jakes addresses the State of Black Business

“Ninety-five percent of all Black-owned businesses in Texas are small with no paid employees other than the owner,” Jakes voiced to the crowd that he related to that figure, as his father was an entrepreneur. “I think we need to change those stats because those stats also locking in the case that we have not reached the level of prominence and significance that I believe is possible.”

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Is GrowSouth headed in the right direction?

South Dallas speaks out about business development

“It’s difficult for businesses, especially in the technology sector, to get some of that initial financing in the Dallas area even though there’s a lot of money and a lot of capital.” – Bradley Joyce, founder of Launch DFW

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Battle on the Dance Floor: Hip-hop festival builds dreams, brings unity

The All Styles and BBoy/BGirl Battles brought dancers from cities throughout Texas and Oklahoma to the Power House of Dance studio at 12300 Inwood Road on the last weekend of July.

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Expungement process requires patience, money to cut through bureaucracy, red tape

Reggie Ruffin, the local man arrested in 2009 and 2010 for violent felonies but released after being found not guilty in each case, learned that the lawsuit he brought against the city was thrown out of court June 20 by the U. S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit Court, Texas Northern District. Ruffin cited malicious prosecution and violation of his civil rights when he filed his case in January.

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Aging out: Fear, finances and exploitation

In a recent survey about aging, people reported their greatest fear as losing their independence and having others make decisions for them.

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Dems make ‘A Texas Promise’

“We’ve got a lot of work to do,” Sen. Royce West announced during the 23rd District caucus vote on June 27. “If we don’t turn out the vote in the 23rd Senatorial District in Dallas County, we’ve got a lot to lose.”

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Parents, leaders cry out against ‘police brutality’

“Do you know anything about the brutality in our midst?” Dr. Brenda Wall, pastor of Counseling and Christian Education at Friendship-West Baptist Church, asked those seated before her in the sanctuary.

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