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Keeping our Eyes on the Prize

Last week my husband and I looked at Eyes on the Prize, the award-winning six-hour PBS documentary series on the Civil Rights Movement that tells the struggle of Blacks fighting for racial equality and social justice from 1954 to 1965.

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Never ever give up!

In November, my husband and I attended The Rivers, Toney and Watson Annual Awards Ceremony established in 1981and named in honor of the first three African American judges elected to office in New York state.

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The value of good teachers

Teaching is probably one of the most important professions because it directly contributes to an educated society. For generations, it has been the cornerstone in forming the minds of our youth into the next generation of leaders. Unfortunately, teaching is not a career young people say they want to pursue today because of the low pay and status of teachers in our society.

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Investigating the segregated South

We have all read about the many murders of civil rights workers in the 60s in Mississippi and Alabama – people working for Blacks to have the right to vote. These people sacrificed their lives so that Blacks could vote.

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