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The first secret: safety

Last week we introduced The Seven SECRETS of Money Masters. Today we will begin with the first secret: safety.

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Revealing the seven secrets of money masters

In today’s financial landscape, there is no shortage of people who claim to be masters at helping us make the most of our money. Do a Google search for “how to invest money” and you’ll get nearly 12 million hits. Do all of these people qualify as masters? Of course not. In fact, there’s a good chance that your own stock broker or financial advisor is far, far less than a master, and perhaps doesn’t know much more than you do about selecting the right investments for your personal situation.

You and your money. Get small.

How often do you hear, “We’re in a down economy?” I’d like to give you perspective on this. Is it possible that rather than being in a down economy we are in a forever-changed economy? See, “down” implies “up” and we may never see those inflated artificial “ups” again, or at least not in the same way. We are in a value-driven economy. We are in a personal economy. It is now all about the personal value you bring to the marketplace. To begin, it’s time to get small. And I mean get small fast.