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Stories by SEN. ROYCE

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Your vote does count. Your vote matters

I can’t overemphasize the importance of voting to those who are eligible. Not only are you voting for your interests, you’re also voting for the future and for those who can’t or won’t. I was elected 26 years ago to represent the citizens of Dallas County who reside in Texas Senatorial District 23. It would be a grave moral and legal violation for me if I personally didn’t vote to act in the best interest of all Dallas County cities, as well as on behalf of others across the state.

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Three reasons why you should vote on Nov. 5

By chance you haven’t heard there’s a statewide election set for Tuesday, Nov. 5. No, we won’t be electing a president, we’ve already done that. And no, we won’t be electing a governor or re-electing a certain state senator. That will take place a year from now. But those reasons notwithstanding are no reason that you should not turn out to vote in next month’s statewide constitutional amendment and local special elections.

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Supreme Court guts Section 5 of VRA by 5-4 decision

With surgical precision, today’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Shelby v. Holder challenge to the Voting Rights Act effectively removed a vital organ while leaving most limbs and features in place.