Charles ONeal
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Help! The Black Press is dying

By CHARLES O’NEAL TAAACC Okay, okay! I’ll admit it! I’m a dinosaur! I still believe there’s something magical about holding this week’s edition of a Black-owned newspaper in my hand, savoring every page, wincing at […]

edelman featured web

Realizing a dream for our children

By MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN Children’s Defense Fund Next week, clergy, seminarians, religious educators, community organizers, young adult leaders and other faith-based advocates in the intergenerational, interracial, multiethnic, ecumenical community pursuing justice for our nation’s children […]

Grilled Pork and Potato Planks
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Grilling with fresh ingredients

Family Features Grilling season provides ample opportunities to put flavorful fare on the table, but it doesn’t have to be a lengthy cooking process. By planning ahead, having the right equipment on hand and using […]