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Whether you’re new to managing your finances or are looking for yet another passive income stream to fund retirement, the world of personal finance can be complicated. These seven podcasts share information from various perspectives to help you find your financial footing and stay ahead of the game as you make your next moves.


How to Money

Not sure where to start when it comes to personal finance? The How to Money podcast is your answer. With relatable, down-to-earth financial discussions about a wide variety of topics, this podcast is unassuming and accessible for even the most uninitiated listener.


Money for the Rest of Us

If the world of finance often seems like a different reality where people speak another language, then this podcast is for you. The host is a former money manager and investment strategist focusing on markets and money systems rather than personal spending or budgeting decisions. You’ll learn about different opportunities in the financial world, how individuals fit into those systems, and what you should care about when investigating your options. Anyone with plans to invest or establish multiple income streams should start here to get a good lay of the land.


Choose FI

FI, or Financial Independence, is a popular movement that aims to help ordinary people reclaim their finances and lives. Rather than looking at what industry insiders say you should do, these hosts offer down-to-earth advice based on real stories from people who have gained FI. Be aware that many FI steps require a lot of dedication and effort, so this podcast isn’t for you if you’re looking for “quick tricks” or backdoor secrets. The hosts interview many guests and have a conversational speaking style that’s appealing and inspirational.


So Money

Hosted by a woman of color, this podcast is an excellent way for people from all walks of life to feel supported while discussing finances. Rather than framing the finance world through industry insiders’ eyes, many of the guests on So Money come from backgrounds seemingly unrelated to money. Their experience with navigating finances gives listeners a valuable perspective (they also interview finance professionals, so listeners get a well-rounded production). Weekly “Ask Farnoosh” answers reader questions about familiar and timely topics. This podcast includes the complex issues where finance and society intersect, so it’s important for those who want to understand how finance fits into the rest of the world.


Odd Lots

Rather than offering personal finance advice or tips, this podcast comments on financial news and events. Hosts from finance giant Bloomberg offer a knowledgeable perspective and keep you up to date on the state of the financial world in an understandable way. For those just beginning their financial journey to more seasoned investors, this podcast gives you insight into the vocabulary, key players, and places to watch.


The Rich Dad Radio Show

If you’ve heard of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” then this host might sound familiar. Building on the success of his book, this host now talks about current financial issues in a radio show/podcast. His advice is often different than other mainstream sources, so it’s worth a listen to round out your knowledge of potential investment strategies or approaches.


Marriage Kids and Money

Financial planning when you have kids can be a whole different ballgame. The plan you established in your 20s may not be applicable anymore. This podcast is geared towards families and their particular challenges and opportunities, but many of the lessons are also helpful for single adults. Some popular episodes discuss intergenerational wealth, the pros and cons of saving for retirement instead of kids’ college, and how to pay off your mortgage early.


Jill on Money

If you’ve covered the basics and want to stay up on current trends and concerns, this short podcast is an excellent addition to your day. Most episodes answer listener questions and focus on topics related to investing, passive income, and asset building. This podcast doesn’t provide a lot of information for beginning your financial journey, but it does offer motivation when you hear the kinds of questions that higher-level earners are asking.


Head to your favorite podcast platform and subscribe to these shows for a head start on your new year financial plans.

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