After 3-year-old girl may have died of COVID-19, mom says she had no idea

Jaylynn Evans
Tyana Lloyd and 3-year-old Jaylynn Evans – Photo courtesy of


New York, N.Y. — Tyana Lloyd, the mother of a 3-year-old girl named Jaylynn Evans who may have died of COVID-19 last month, said she had no idea that her daughter was infected with the virus. The little girl’s family said that it is heartbroken and still has many unanswered questions.

Jaylynn was tested for coronavirus before returning to daycare in August and the results were negative.

Reports indicate that the 3-year-old was at a sleepover around the corner at the 4-year-old friend’s home in Brooklyn. The mother gave Jaylynn some medication for a low-grade fever before leaving, and said she seemed to be feeling better. The family seemed to be unaware that the girls were later taken to the friend’s grandparents’ home in Mott Haven.

The family reported that Jaylynn was playing with the friend when she suddenly fell unconscious. Her friend’s grandfather, Anthony Richardson, found the little girl lying unconscious but did not call 911. Instead, he took her to Cohen Children’s Medical Center in Queens instead, where she was pronounced dead.

Richardson, 59, was initially arrested for delaying treatment for the small child. But the Bronx district attorney said he would remain uncharged pending further investigation.

“That’s a careless act, what he did,” Winston Ramsay, Jaylynn’s great-grandfather, told the New York Post about Richardson. “He is irresponsible. First thing you do, you call an ambulance. They could have saved Jaylynn. Why would he leave the Bronx and take the child over to Queens? That’s a long drive through traffic. And he never called 911, never called Tyana to say the baby got sick or nothing.”

Surveillance footage showed Richardson leaving the apartment carrying a seemingly unconscious girl in his arms around 2 p.m. that day. They reached the hospital at around 5 p.m. according to reports. He allegedly declined to speak to the police to give an explanation.

Richardson’s family say he may not have been thinking straight, and that Cohen’s is where he has taken his own family members.

An autopsy has been conducted to determine the exact cause of death and if foul play was involved.

On Monday, Richardson was arrested and charged with acting in a manner injurious to a child.



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