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Dallas Animal Service is encouraging residents to take precaution after two deceased bats found in North East Dallas tested positive for rabies.

The first bat was found on Aug. 15 at the 7200 block of Coronado Avenue in North East Dallas. On Aug. 18, DAS was notified that a second bat was found at the 7500 block of Benedict Drive. It promptly sent the bats to the Texas Department of State Health Services to be tested for rabies; both bats tested positive.

On Sept. 1, two more bats tested positive for the rabies virus near the Dallas Arboretum and Oak Cliff. Residents reported the bats to DAS, whose field officers collected the bats and sent them to the DHHS for rabies testing. DSHS confirmed both animals tested positive for the virus to DAS Sept. 6.

Animal Service Officers are working to ensure no human or pets were exposed to the rabid bats.

This is the first lab-confirmed rabies case in Dallas County this year.

Resident should not touch wild animals at any time. Signs of rabies in mammals include lethargy, fever, vomiting, anorexia, paralysis, seizures, abnormal behavior [example: nocturnal animals appearing during the day, lack of fear of humans], aggressive behavior and foaming at the mouth.

Anyone who believes they or someone they know may have come into contact with the bats in Dallas, call DAS at 214-670-8313 and seek medical attention immediately.


Dallas Animal Services confirmed five dogs in the shelter have tested positive for canine distemper. The shelter is taking precautions to limit exposure to other animals within the shelter to prevent the spread of the virus. Canine distemper is a viral disease that affects the respiratory and nervous systems.

DAS vaccinates all dogs against distemper upon arrival to the shelter. Distemper vaccinations can have a delayed effectiveness, however all dogs who tested positive were vaccinated prior to showing symptoms. Currently there have been no reports of any recently adopted animals that have tested positive. DAS remains open for adoptions and fostering at this time.

Residents who recently adopted a dog from DAS can email

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