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February is celebrated as Black History month.  For years The Dallas Examiner has celebrated Black History by publishing stories and reflections of Blacks in Dallas of their experiences. We feel it was important for all citizens of Dallas to know the history of Blacks in Dallas.

Black History is vital to the wellbeing of not only African Americans but everyone because it allows our societies to grow. We need to know what happened in the past.

We know what Blacks have endured in the past – slavery, segregation, being treated as unequal to others, as well as limited access to medicine, employment opportunities and business opportunities. We have gained much are still striving for an equal playing field.

Last year we published reflections made by Attorney Lee Stanley Lee, who was the first Black to attend St. Marks school in Dallas in 1961; Mayor Ronald Jones, who was one among the first Black students to attend Arlington State College – now the University of Arlington – in 1967; and Dallas City Councilwoman Diane Ragsdale.

This year, reflections will include those of Judge Thomas G. Jones, Albert Black and Dr. Anitha Mitchell – all of whom grew up in Dallas and will share their experiences.

Additionally, this month The Dallas Examiner will publish our l3th edition of Black History:  Dallas Then and Now, a tabloid inserted in The Dallas Examiner. For the last consecutive 12 years, we have published it the last week of the month. This edition will provide information on the history of Black businesses in Dallas.

We hope you will read these original stories. Knowledge of Black History and the past in Dallas will help you appreciate our current conditions and the progress that has been made and hopefully will push us to continue to strive for a better life in Dallas.

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