Black women entrepreneurs developing new app to empower economic growth

Black Woman Entrepreneur using Vivians app
Black Woman Entrepreneur using Vivians app

Mobile, Ala. – The Vivian’s Door Initiative, along with the support of the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, has launched a crowd funding campaign for their Vivian’s Door App on Indiegogo. The goal of the app, which currently has a functioning prototype, will provide comprehensive listings for all registered minority-owned businesses in the area, as well as access to scholarships, mentorship programs, networking opportunities, training, contract-readiness plans, and other resources at both the community and government level.

The app will allow all parties to interact freely and share knowledge, connections, and information in a fun and interactive way by realigning the procurement process, which can bridge the racial wealth gap and give everyone a seat at the table. While the pilot launch is limited to persons in Mobile, Ala., the service will eventually be rolled out across the United States. If fully funded, the app is expected to be completed by 2019.

Inspired by the legacy of Vivian Malone Jones, one of the first black enrollees and the first black graduate from the University of Alabama, Vivian’s Door will be another cornerstone in the journey toward helping the Black community reach its full potential. The app’s founder, Janice Malone, was moved not just by Vivian’s journey, but the rallying of the community behind her as she defied racial segregation and went on to become a successful businesswoman and symbol of hope.

“There is a worrying lack of guidance for black entrepreneurs and self-starters in our community,” Janice stated. “Vivian opened a door that had been closed to people like us for a very long time, and we want to keep that door open. We want to make sure that black business owners can connect with their customers and the wider community, and effectively make use of the ways and means available for them to achieve success.”


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