Changes of fall

Renetta W. Howard





Many poems have been written about fall and some have been set to music. It is the time of the year when the leaves on the trees begin to change color and fall to the ground. Brilliant colored flowers lose their petals and they too fall to the ground, some however dropping seeds which will spring up the next year. The pecan tree loses it leaves and then the pecans, the wonderful nuts began to fall to the ground. The nuts make us begin to think of the coming winter when we celebrate our happiest season of the year with Christmas and all of its trimmings, to be followed by the New Year.

The end of summer in August, ushers in the fall season and the time that children return to school. This fall, it has been in the plan for all students to have in-person learning instead of virtual learning at home. School districts have learned that students did not do as well with virtual learning as they do with in-person learning. There have been objections on the side of parents as well as teachers because of the different viewpoints on the merits of wearing masks to school and the reality of having or not having a COVID-19 vaccinations.

There is an ongoing dispute between school districts and state ordinances. Some states whose governors feel that masks are not necessary have given executives orders that masks cannot be mandated by school districts and in turn some school districts have made masks a part of the school dress code, making the order nil and void. In addition, vaccines have now been approved for younger children and a third vaccine has been approved for adults over 65 years of age and younger people with underlying conditions and weaken immune systems.

In spite of all of the advantages, Americans are still dying everyday because there is that percentage who are against wearing a mask and against getting the vaccination, yet, and it seems that seeing is not believing until one is at death’s door. Must the non-believers all die before this pandemic is over? Will Merck’s new COVID-19 pill be the saving grace for the non-believers? Let us get ‘in cinque’ and pray that it is the fall change which will save us.


Renetta W. Howard is a former social worker and educator. She is the author of Pandemic: What Is It?, Navigating Old Age: Keep Moving, And Growing Up With Jim Crow. She can be reached at or through


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