Arnold joins effort to vaccinate teachers immediately, calls the effort a new GOTV campaign-Get Our Teachers Vaccinated

Carolyn King Arnold


Special to The Dallas Examiner


Dallas City Councilmember Carolyn King Arnold called on city, county and state leaders Monday to immediately place Texas teachers on the high-priority list to receive COVID-19 vaccines available from Pfizer and Moderna. She said she believed it is a decision that will benefit teachers and students as well as the Texas economy. She labeled the effort as a GOTV Campaign or Get Our Teaches Vaccinated!

“Teachers are part of the frontline workforce who should be alongside other essential workers who are in line to receive inoculations.” Arnold said. “If we can get teachers back in the classroom and they are comfortable being there, that will have an enormous effect on families who need to feel safe and want their children to feel safe. Putting teachers on the list of eligible recipients now will bring a huge sense of relief to classrooms and families throughout Texas.”

Arnold also noted the “ripple effect” of vaccinating teachers early.

“I think safe school environments are the key to rebuilding the economy, especially for small businesses,” she said. “So many workers can’t return to their employment until their children are back in the classroom full-time. Right now, teachers are taking enormous risks to return to a regular classroom. We can remove that risk for teachers, and it will have an enormous benefit for children, families and the economy.

Arnold praised this week’s announcement that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been activated to assist large cities with the vaccination efforts.

“This should take a huge load off of Austin and Dallas County leaders,” she said. “Let’s put Texas teachers on the highest priority list for the vaccine. They should not have to make a decision about leaving their beloved profession because they feel unsafe back in the classroom. If we really love our teachers, they should get the vaccine ASAP.”


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