Cedar Hill ISD Recognizes Black History Month

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CEDAR HILL – Black History Month is a widely celebrated month. Everyone has a different way of celebrating it and the same goes for Cedar Hill ISD elementary scholars.

At Collegiate Prep Academy, the staff dresses in traditional African garb on Tuesdays during the month of February, and they share Black History Month facts during the daily announcements.

At Plummer Elementary, the scholars are doing a virtual Oratorical program with different acts based in Black history between the speeches on Feb. 25. The event is usually in person, but it will be done virtually due to COVID-19 social distancing protocols.

Plummer music teacher Faith Reed notes the difficulties of getting the program to work but is confident that the end results will be phenomenal.

“The program is coming along, but with the challenges of schools being closed it makes it harder to meet the deadline,” Reed said. “However, I do believe that the program will still be a success!”

The scholars at Bray Elementary plan on taking a more musical approach to its Black History Month virtual performance, also on Feb. 25.

The fifth graders are creating poems, rap verses and short verses about African American musicians and performers with a xylophone. The fourth graders plan on doing cloning videos with a bucket ensemble bucket song called, That Guy Next to Me.

Bray Music Teacher Steve Gowans feels confident in the abilities of his scholars.

“I have a group of scholars practicing,” Gowans said.



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