Paul Quinn makes first architectural changes in 40 years

Dr. Michael Sorrell, president of Paul Quinn College, talks about the changes implemented at the college during a media conference and tour Tuesday. – Photo by Madison Williams/The Dallas Examiner



The Dallas Examiner


Founded April 4, 1972, by a group of preachers in Austin, Texas, Paul Quinn College has maintained its philosophy of WE Over Me, by providing a faith-based education to students working towards becoming leaders in the globalized market.

Ahead of the fall 2021-2022 school year, president of Paul Quinn College, Dr. Michael Sorrell, and his team worked diligently to implement some of the changes to be seen finished on PQC grounds very soon.

Among the long list of campus-based initiatives, they are working on major construction projects that will be the first new buildings constructed in over 40 years. The new buildings include the Trammell S. Crow Living and Learning Center, the Health and Wellness Center – which contain athletic facilities, classrooms, offices and a dance studio – and The Quinnite Trail.

“The campus looks completely different than I went to school,” said Taylor Henley, enrollment management officer and class of 2021 graduate. It’s so exciting to see the finishing touches being placed on all the buildings they’ve been working on for a while now.”

PQC students have been away from their home campus since March 2020 due to the pandemic and Henley is anticipating their return.

“Our students sometimes come from homes that aren’t always the healthiest and this campus is like their safe haven. I’m excited for them to come back and just be students, where they aren’t having to worry about that day-to-day stress they may be experiencing at home,” Henley said. “Come fall, I am so excited for what our students will see when they come back to campus as well as just being in the vicinity of all of these new things.”

PQC will also open two new grade schools on campus. The KIPP Oak Cliff Academy will relocate its high school campus to the renovated White Science Building. Dallas Independent School District will open the Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III Global Academy in the Zale Library in August. The academy will focus on grades 6 through 12 and will be the first International Baccalaureate school in the Southern Sector of Dallas.

“It wasn’t just important to have the little ones,” Sorrell said. “It was important to have their families. If you give an A education to a child but you continuously send them home to an F life, what have you really done? What message are you sending to that child’s family?”

The new and existing plans of action serve to represent the true meaning behind their WE Over Me model, according to Sorrell.

“With our programs, we’ve created a pathway for everyone in that child’s family to improve their stature of life,” he said. “Like we tell people all the time, we’re still just warming up.”

To unveil the new changes on campus, the college hosted The Reintroduction, a free community event Tuesday afternoon. The event included a COVID vaccine clinic, campus tours, food trucks, Bishop 5 + 1 Reunion Revival, gospel choir performances and a performance by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.



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