Critical Race Theory

Renetta W. Howard
Renetta W. Howard





It has come to past that the legislature has once again decided what and what cannot be taught in public schools.  It was the legislatures who back in the seventies, decided that teachers with college degrees should be tested to see if they were fit to teach in the public schools and came up with a test which did eliminate some professionals while some favorites who did not pass were kept in positions anyway.  Those same legislatures, who claim that they took the test and passed, did not have qualifications to teach school and many did not possess a degree at all in anything. They won an election.  The issue now is the “Critical Race Theory.”

Politicians want to limit what a social studies teacher can teach in the public schools. For years, certain books have been banned for use in public schools, not to mention the names of books kept in the dark regarding information about white supremacy which earmarks American History. Only people of color whom it was impossible to keep out of the history books were ever mentioned. Horrid acts of Black massacres were never included until recently when it could no longer be omitted because of legal actions brought about by descendants of wronged Black people which made the news.

The news is the key ingredient of the critical race theory.  Talking about the news and current affairs is a main ingredient of a social studies course. Current events are history in the making.  Current events provoke opinions, thoughts and the spoken word. As a student in high school, a news magazine subscription was a part of the curriculum. We had to discuss current events and how they affected our daily lives and our history.  If current events cannot be read, discussed and ideas formulated on a daily basis, there is no need to teach social studies.  I am happy to be a retired social studies teacher because under the current way the government is attempting to further curtail what is taught, I would be fired.  It is bad enough that no one needs a permit to carry a gun in Texas now, with the limitation of freedom of speech and education, ignorance will become bliss. School endangerment is becoming a daily possibility now and education a farce.  Let us get ‘in cinque’ and pray for open minds and critical thinkers in our legislatures who feel they know what America needs.


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