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The Dallas City Council approved a proposal on April 12 to move the Shekinah Legacy Holdings LCC headquarters to the South Dallas Fair Park area. SLH is an established real estate brokerage, development and construction company that hopes to bring vibrancy to the South Dallas Fair Park neighborhood and create approximately 23 full-time jobs.

The new headquarters will have private office space, state of the art conference rooms, a coffee shop and a real estate training facility for people from the South Dallas neighborhoods.

“This financing provided by the Small Business Center represents a significant investment not only in our company but also in the South Dallas community. By creating job opportunities for residents and bringing new businesses and economic development to the area, this project will positively impact the entire community,” said Scotti Smith, manager of SLH. “This is a prime example of how investing in small businesses can help to stimulate growth and improve the quality of life for everyone involved. We are tremendously grateful to the City of Dallas Small Business Center, the South Dallas/Fair Park Opportunity Fund Board, and all those who played a role in making this possible.”

The real estate training center will serve to train people in real estate sales, mortgage origination, real estate appraisals, inspection, development and construction at a low to no-cost. The Shekinah Project aims to deploy over 100 new real estate professionals per year.

“This project represents the continued priority of the city to support small business growth and development in South Dallas,” said Councilmember Adam Bazaluda. “I am proud to have supported this project because of the economic impact it will bring to South Dallas and support for generational wealth in our community.”

The SLH project will support redevelopment of a vacant building located at 1708 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. The project scope consists of capital improvements to relocate SLH headquarters and providing economic and human development in surrounding areas. The project will receive funding of $650,000 to support the continued revitalization of the neighborhood that sits at the corner of Colonial Avenue and MLK Boulevard.

“The key economic viability is a key performance indicator in the City’s Economic Development Plan, this coupled with City’s commitment to equity of financial impact ensuring inclusion of small businesses in historically marginalized communities, this project is vital for South Dallas,” said Councilmember Tennell Atkins, chair of Economic Development Committee.

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