Democratic walkout in the house during the Texas Legislature

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On Sunday, Democrats in the Texas Legislature broke quorum to block Senate Bill 7, an egregious attack on the right to vote in Texas, which is already one of the most restrictive states for voting rights in the country.

From day one of this fight, MOVE Texas has been adamant that Senate Bill 7 was an assault on our democracy – one of the worst assaults since the Jim Crow era. Our Democratic lawmakers stood up, walked out and said voter suppression has no place in Texas, not today, not any day. To every Democratic state representative: thank you for standing up for the freedom to vote.

When it comes to our elections, we all want a transparent process we can trust, where Texans have equal freedom to vote, whether we live in Laredo, Tyler or Houston. But instead, a group of extremist lawmakers in the Texas legislature, put up intentional barriers to silence our voices based on what we look like or where we live. MOVE Texas and other activists across the state of Texas fought back and stopped this attack on the right to vote this session.

If it were not for the unrelenting commitment and dedication of activists and organizers all across the state, who showed up time and time again to make their voices heard and let their representatives know we won’t sit quietly while our rights are stripped away from us, this bill would have passed. Our democracy is fragile and every attempt to suppress the vote puts it more at risk. We hope Texas Republicans and state leadership end their partisan attempts to stop Texans, primarily Texans of color, from voting. If they continue these attacks and call a special session, MOVE Texas will meet them again and continue the fight for Texans’ right to vote. We beat them once and we can do it again.

The resolve of everyday Texans to make their voices heard this legislative session has been nothing short of awe inspiring. The work doesn’t stop here. We must harness the energy of this movement and continue to register and turnout Texans. The youth-founded, youth-led, youth-powered team at MOVE Texas stands ready to redouble our efforts to register and empower a new generation of Texas voters to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

We call on all Texans of conscience to continue us in this fight, whether it be volunteering, donating or making sure your friends and neighbors are registered to vote. MOVE Texas will never stop engaging and activating a young and diverse generation of Texans who have shown they are committed to this fight.”


Charlie Bonne is the communications director of MOVE Texas, a nonpartisan, nonprofit, grassroots organization building power in underrepresented youth communities through civic education, leadership development, and issue advocacy.


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