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DESOTO – DeSoto Independent School District will engage in neighborhood walks to build relationships with community members and families starting July 31 through Aug. 12, ahead of the first day of school in the district set to kick off Aug. 14.

Teachers, administrators and other staff members will put on their walking shoes and make their way through the DeSoto and Glenn Heights area neighborhoods and apartment communities to connect with current and prospective scholars and their families to talk about programs and opportunities in the district founded on the DeSoto ISD Triple-A Experience, the district’s holistic and well-rounded approach to education through academics, arts, and athletics.

Following up on feedback from recent touchpoints during the previous academic year, district leaders are working to rebuild relationships and connectedness with families so families get to know the educators who are serving scholars in their local independent school system.

“We understand the amount of turnover that has occurred among staff in our school system in a community that was accustomed to close relationships with the district,” said DeSoto ISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Usamah Rodgers. “We want to continue to reintroduce ourselves and rebuild those connections to re-engage our families and the DeSoto and Glenn Heights communities.

“Relationships are the core of our ability to serve our families and scholars effectively. Relationships are the means by which we will build trust and connection to create partnerships with our families to build a village of well-rounded covering and partnership to fully serve our scholars.”

In the coming weeks, DeSoto and Glenn Heights residents may experience a visit from a DeSoto ISD staff member to share information and understand experiences and sentiments related to experiences in the school district. In addition, staff members will share information related to academic programs, opportunities, and enrollment in the district for the upcoming academic year.

The district will also host the DeSoto ISD Back-To-School Fair Aug. 5 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Multipurpose Activity Center of DeSoto High School, located at 600 Eagle Drive in DeSoto.

For information, visit or call 972-223-6666.

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