(George Curry Media) – Pat Mesiti is one of Australia’s top wealth creation strategist, motivational speakers and trainers. He is a millionaire entrepreneur, international bestselling author and mindset expert, who focuses on self-development and accelerated mental and emotional transformation.

For more than 35 years, Mesiti has worked with and shared the stage with speakers such as Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn, Donald Trump, Denis Waitley and Mark Victor Hansen. Mesiti says we must develop our own millionaire mindset. We must find a vehicle to create our wealth. It could be the ownership of a business (seldom do you get wealthy working for someone else), learn to invest and trade and/or own property.

But there’s one major enemy to wealth building. That’s the idea of “get rich quick!” Remove “quick” out of your head. True winners understand that sustainable wealth is about “getting rich … slowly and surely!” Also it is about creating the infrastructure to keep the wealth once it comes your way, and that includes developing a wealth mindset.

Ask yourself: What is my own money story?

Everyone has a financial DNA. We must learn how to handle our money mentally. What is your money saying to you? Money is a responder to who you are. You can receive a million dollars but have $5 mindset. You’ll soon be broke.

Your wealth will always shrink to your level of thinking. Who you surround yourself with determines who you are.

Beware of the mind viruses. Phrases such as “money is the root of all evil” and “do you think money grows on trees?” are words that can become a philosophy of life. And those words anchor you to negative small-minded concepts about your money. We cannot change the direction of a person until we change the voices in their heads. Mindset must come before skill set. Remember, what you say to yourself is who you are.

Investment overtime builds wealth. We must learn about money and our relationship with our own money.

Wealthy people have a mindset of self-sufficiency and self-reliance. They invest first and spend second.

Wealthy people work hard on themselves first. They’re seldom the smartest person in the room. When you are, you learn nothing new. The mind of a wealthy person is secure in his or herself and listens more than they talk.

Wealthy people ask for feedback and then make decisions on that feedback. Visualization and inspiration work hand in hand. Find what inspires you and plug into it. Then stop doing what you’re not good at and find those experts who are good at what you are not. Develop relationships with them to get your work done.

Remember, you can never take a good idea into a bad “head space” and expect to get a good result. You must go to work. If you don’t have your reason why, you’ll never find a way! So find out your why in life and get to work.

Never be afraid to invest in the programs and information you want to help you grow. You grow with people, live by principles and create profit. You should access great people, not just the accessible. The Internet levels that playing field, allowing you access to wisdom of folks you may never personally meet.

Your greatest life is in your future. Choose to live in your future. Your future has no history. Now get a strategy to aim at that future something. Get your dream, strategies and people around you to help you get there.

One mistake people make daily is to do nothing. Something works. Nothing doesn’t. Plan to do something.

There’s more to money than money. Money gives you options. What is money doing for you? Is money making you more of a giver? People don’t have to have millions to have a wonderful life. Use what you have to get what you want.

Mesiti’s interview take-a-ways:

• If the keys to getting wealth are “a mist” in your head, they will be a fog in your bank account.

• God told us to “go forth and prosper;” not “Go forth and decrease!”

• How do you get rich quick? By getting rich slowly! You must grow your money at the level you grow your thinking.

• The grass is not greener on the other side. It is greener where you water and fertilize it! Start where you are and get busy making your grass greener.

• We must fill ourselves with the positive and inoculate ourselves from viruses.

• Have an “access denied” mechanism, where you keep negative stuff out of your mind

• Work on your thinking. If you attempt to put a good financial idea into a negative head, you will not get the great results!

• If you put clean water through a rusty, dirty pipe and you will get rusty, dirty water! Work on your thinking! And the results will be better.

• Decide what voice you will believe and act on.

• Make a commitment to listen to only wise voices. Remember the third voice in the Garden of Eden messed up paradise!

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