Carolyn King Arnold
Carolyn King Arnold



Dallas City Council


To all Black people and specifically all Black woman and woman of color. Regardless of your age and current social economic status, with desire, imagination, faith and persistence all things are possible. This past week two firsts for Black women took place, one nationally and one locally.

Nationally, Judge Ketanji Brown became the first Black women placed on the highest court in America, she is now a Supreme Court Justice. Locally, thanks to my colleagues on the Dallas City Council, I was voted in as Dallas’ first Black women mayor pro tem.

As mayor pro tem, in addition to fulfilling my normal duties as a member of the city council serving the residents of District 4, I assist the mayor in carrying out the mayoral responsibilities as well as assuming mayoral duties in his absence as the mayor.

It was my desire and want to become an educator, earn a doctorate degree, become president of a homeowner association and now serving my third term as a Dallas City Council person.

It was my imagination and the ability to confront problems that led to the organization of the District 4 Faith-Based Coalition, #Dallas365 Safe Initiative, Domestic Violence Awareness – It’s Not Your Fault, Knowledge is Power Partnership and D4 Youth GOTV activities.

It was my faith that gave me the confidence that helped earn me numerous honors and awards: Community Service Leader – Negro Council of Women; Women of Wisdom Recognition and H.I. Holland Education Awards – Elite News; Community Service Leader – Gospel Connection Award; and Who’s Who in Black Dallas.

It is my persistence, the driving force behind my faith that assisted me to win the Dallas City Council seat on my first try, only to lose two years later and pick myself back up to win, that gave me the opportunity to achieve this astounding first.

I start each day with a plan of action making sure I end every day by accomplishing all things that could be accomplished that day. Yes, two firsts took place this past week but the next first is you “Black women.”

Together, we will transform today’s Dallas and specifically District 4 into a thriving district where jobs, community pride, respectable affordable housing and the essentials of quality of life are commonplace for all residents.


Carolyn King Arnold is the first Black female mayor pro tem for the Dallas City Council and city council member representing District 4.

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