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So much of the joy from the holiday season comes from entertaining. Whether you’re throwing a big bash for the neighborhood or hosting a more intimate gathering of close family and friends, filling your home with exciting and colorful decorations is a must.

Rather than buying everything pre-made, consider rounding out your décor collection with some DIY items that highlight your style and use items you may already have at home! Your guests will be impressed, and your home will have a unique and memorable look. Here are a few ideas to inspire your homemade decoration dreams.


Festive Garlands

One of the easiest ways to brighten up your home for the holiday season is to use garlands in every room.

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With so many different styles to choose from, your garland selection can highlight your personal style and give your guests something interesting to admire.

This paint chip garland idea is an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate bright colors into your decorations. Cut the paint chips into whatever shapes you’d like before you string them together! For a different aesthetic, highlighting citrus fruits as part of your décor is a great way to incorporate cozy holiday smells into your decorating. This dried fruit garland is a wonderful weekend project and uses ingredients you likely already have in the pantry.


Snowflakes and Snowmen

If you’d like a winter theme full of wonder and whimsy, opt for decorations that include lots of snowflakes, snowmen, and white/blue/silver combinations. These fun snowmen are a great decoration for anywhere the kids are likely to congregate. Since they use clear glass balls and Mason jars as the base, you can easily make several from dollar store items. Cluster a few together and vary their scarves for a fun snowperson family! As a more neutral decoration, painted snowflake jars are perfect for adorning shelves, countertops and coffee tables. Pair these jars with winter décors, such as cozy pillows and throws, to make your home a winter wonderland.


Elegant and Bold Centerpieces

If you want to get your guests’ attention, then focus on a memorable centerpiece for your holiday table. Pull out all the stops with these gold glittered vases made from Mason jars. You can use gold as suggested or opt for silver or champagne to match a different décor scheme. Filling the jars is half the fun, too – evergreen and flower stems are beautiful, while candy canes and lollipops signal a fun-filled party! If you’d like to put water in the jars and then top with floating cranberries, leave the top half of the jars unpainted (or frost with a light dusting of glitter). For a fun alternative, make a snowman hat centerpiece that uses an upcycled coffee can as the base. You can decorate the hat with faux or real flowers to match the rest of your décor.


Candles and Lights

One of the most prominent decorations during the holiday season is lighting – from candles to string lights, a warm glow adds depth and comfort to a room. These wooden tree sconces not only provide an interesting background for the candles, but they’re big enough that you don’t have to worry about placing multiples together for an impact. You could even decorate the wooden trees with paint or glitter for a bolder look. For another rustic option, try these stenciled burlap candle holders. Choose silhouettes that match your style, including snowflakes, for something you can leave out all winter! If small candle holders aren’t filling up your space, decorate an inexpensive lantern using various stems and bows, then place an LED candle inside.

Any of these DIY decorations will add a meaningful touch to your home that friends and family alike will remember for years to come.

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