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Dr. Angela S. King is an ordained minister, certified life coach, consultant, author, transformational speaker and the CEO of Women Praying for Christ Inc., an international intercessory prayer ministry with six locations – four in Africa.

“God called me to ministry,” King said. “I turned to Him after I struggled with infertility for several years and witnessed how God changed my life after praying to Him to have a child.”

King was married with no children at the time and had worked in corporate banking for 22 years.

“At ​the time I was called into ministry, the ministry that He called me into was intercessory prayer in a setting on behalf of others, and I didn’t feel I was qualified,” she recalled. “I was like, ‘God, there’s so many other people better than me.’ And I remember His voice speaking to me and He said, ‘Because I know you will. If I tell you to do something you will actually do it.”

King said she learned how to navigate her life through prayer and teaches people how to pray without giving up.

“Whatever it is that people need help with, I remind them to not give up on prayer because the main thing about it is God doesn’t always answer right away,” she said. “For me, my blessing took over four years. So that’s just the main thing of letting people know that He will bless you with the desires of your heart, but you have to first of all believe that you can do it.”

The ministry of giving back

As a minister, she said she follows Jesus Christ’s teachings and gives back to the community as well. In the past, she and her ministry have held free garage sale-style giveaways of clothing and toys for families in great need.

This year, the ministry will donate wigs to cancer patients and those suffering with alopecia. They will also host a donation drive for people to drop off their wigs they no longer need.

King recalled her hairstylists informing her that used wigs could be cleaned and restyled. Afterward, she said she was convicted by the Holy Spirit to donate used wigs instead of throwing them away.

“Why not donate them because there are women out there who are cancer patients who need wigs but can’t afford them because they are paying high prices for their medications,” King thought to herself. “There are women who are going through chemo or radiation because a lot of them don’t have time to worry about their hair. Just because you’re sick, you still want to look nice.”

She began accepting donations of new and used wigs and will continue until Sept. 23. Wig donations can be accepted at Hosiery for Less in Fort Worth, Spice and Gravy Southern Eatery in Arlington, Elaine’s Beauty in Plano and Tiara P.R. Network in Carrollton. Wigs can also be mailed to P.O. Box 863766, Plano, TX 75086.

Anyone who cannot deliver the wigs can arrange to have them picked up by emailing King at angela@angelasking.com.

Not No, WAIT

King has also used one of the most painful periods in her life to minister to others through her new book, Not No, WAIT: My Painful Journey through Infertility, Deceit and Death.

Her book described how she suffered through multiple miscarriages. She was diagnosed with fibroid tumors at an early age and was told she would not be able to have children. Still, she had faith in God that she would one day be blessed with a child.

After consulting a new doctor who removed the fibroids, King endured five miscarriages before she eventually conceived her daughter.

“It truly taught me how to develop an intimate relationship with God during that season which was a long season of disappointment over and over again,” King remembered.

She and her husband have one daughter who is now an adult.

King said she encourages people to take action and reflect within themself to find solutions to their problems or obstacles in life that keep them from moving forward and growing.

She expressed that God has a plan for everyone and every individual is born with gifts he or she can use to live their life to the fullest and achieve all their goals.

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