An Open Letter From The Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce

An Open Letter From The Oak Cliff Chamber Of Commerce

To the Oak Cliff Community:

Black Lives Matter.

The senseless deaths of members of the Black community at the hands of law enforcement officers have caused enormous anguish, grief, anger, frustration and strife. The Black Lives Matter movement is about more than the impact of systemic racism in law enforcement. The movement impacts every aspect of life in the Black community including access to health care, economic security, housing and education.

Racism, sexism, homophobia or any attitude which excludes or marginalizes any segment of our community harms and demeans each of us. The great strength of Oak Cliff is the diversity of our community and its spirit of inclusion. We cannot be silent about attitudes, behaviors and structures which would deny members of our community the quality of life, peace and economic opportunity they deserve.

Abraham Lincoln spoke of our better angels of our nature. We are a better community, city and people through inclusion, equity and diversity. The Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce is committed to be an agent of change in our community.


Steven S. Camp

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce


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