America descending in a spiral of deceit … sad, very sad

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No country is perfect; many to most politicians lie. It is a part of what government is and has always been.

America has never been perfect, but it has held for the longest time a place of moral authority in the world, in spite of its government leaders lying as well.

We know that America’s presidents have lied, some more than others. But there has always been a layer of moral authority on which the American people, the politicians and the branches of government have stood.

Americans and her politicians have allowed some lies to go unchallenged, but there has always been a line across which no person has been allowed to cross.

Until now.

The current president has been shown to be a chronic liar, and too many of his loyalists, including Michael Flynn and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, have been exposed as liars as well.

The administration was willing to turn a blind eye to their lies. The president apparently “fired” Michael Flynn as national security advisor after it was reported that Flynn lied about having been in communication with Russian operatives. That lie was too much, it seems, but up until the exposure, the administration was willing to let Flynn slide. Flynn resigned under pressure, but later, the president was given credit for having fired him – which was a lie.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has also been proven to have lied about having communicated with Russian operatives. He lied to the Congressional committee considering his confirmation for his current post. That is perjury. But there is little push to have this man have to answer for his lies or even face criminal charges for perjury. Most people in government who have been exposed as perjurers have to face the music.

It is all very disturbing, but what is most disturbing is that the Congress is saying little to nothing. These lawmakers, all of whom would say they are patriots, are not insisting that justice be done. They are allowing the president to lie, as well as his highest Cabinet members.

Such lenience would not have been permitted had the perpetrator been former President Barack Obama or any other president.

This president is working diligently, with the help of his advisors Steve Bannon and others, to undo the American democratic system. It has not been a perfect system, but it has been a system to which other nations have looked to and respected and even sought to imitate.

That respect is eroding.

World leaders are looking at this president with confusion and distrust. Some of these leaders who have never been fond of America are probably smirking as they watch the go government spiral downward.

They see America losing its moral edge. It is now being said that the president of the United States is no longer the moral leader of the world. Contrarily, they are saying Angela Merkel of Germany is becoming the new moral voice.

Meanwhile, this president rolls along, stuck in campaign mode, relying on Twitter as the tool to stir up one act of drama after another. He refuses to take responsibility for his most outrageous lie – that former President Obama ordered Trump Tower wiretapped, in spite of compelling evidence that says it never happened. He continues to insult America’s allies, and he continues to be best friends with Russia, carefully staying away from too much criticism of Vladimir Putin.

Putin, who once belonged to the KGB, must be laughing every day, even as he stokes the president’s ego and supports the hue and cry of negative reporting about the relationship between Russia and the United States as being “fake news.”

North Korean leader Kim Jung Un is shrewdly watching as well, and is flexing his young, impatient muscles. He wants a confrontation with the United States and is priming the administration to act. It seems that that may well happen, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson intimated this past week.

Americans are resisting and protesting, but the administration is ignoring them. Instead of working to help those who elected him, the president is supporting a health care plan that will push 15 – 20 million off health care. His administration has proposed a budget that will hurt the most vulnerable of this nation – the elderly, the poor, and children.

And the “patriotic” Americans say nothing.

America is descending into hell. And too few people in power have enough love for the country to stop the spiral.

As the president would say, “Sad!”

Rev. Dr. Susan K Smith is the founder and director of Crazy Faith Ministries and a communications consultant for the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference Inc. She is available for speaking. She can be contacted through


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