America’s Underbelly Exposed in Full Sight

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We all knew that if Donald J. Trump did not win his bid for re-election that there would be drama and danger.

And as of Friday, there have been both.

In Detroit, Trump supporters, some armed, showed up at the TCF Center, demanding that the counting of ballots stop, demanding that the “steal” be stopped. Police were called when some of the protesters refused to let those who were counting inside or outside of the building. Protests happened in other cities as well, according to

The president, who is fond of talking about how he loves “our country” support of anarchy, seemingly supporting the racist anger that he has stoked ever since he took office in 2017.

News pundits keep saying that “this is not who we are.” But they are wrong. This is exactly who or what America is and has been since her inception.

Not even the Founders of this country wanted everyone to vote; we all know that. They wanted certain people to be put in power and to stay in power and they knew that that desire would not be realized if everybody voted. While they called their government a democracy, or more accurately, a democratic republic, it was always more of an oligarchy than a democracy.

That the president has catered to angry White people (years ago, the dilemma of the “angry White man”) is not disputable. That he is still catering to them, encouraging not only their anger but their violence is likewise, not disputable. He likes the chaos he sees in the streets as angry White mobs fight to protect him, as reported by The Washington Post, The Atlantic and Psychology Today.

This president sits in the rotted core of this country, a man of privilege who believes in the rightness of his superiority as much as he believes that “law and order” means that police officers can do whatever they want when dealing with angry Black people who have been sorely demonized, criminalized and oppressed by this country.

What is disturbing is that this president is sanctioning the violent behavior of his supporters, even as he says he is the “law and order” president. He defended the young man who murdered two people during a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as reported by Politico, and felt totally justified in sending men with guns to Portland, Oregon, to quell violent outbursts there by exercising what looked like actions the secret police of Nazi Germany employed, according to Insider.

What is more disturbing than the president’s behavior is that of Republicans, all of whom are violating their oath to protect the United States – and there is the evidence of how America’s rotten core has spread its poison to the populace. These White men in governance, though they will not admit it, are as racist, sexist, Xenophobic, homophobic and prone to violent behavior to protect their own interests as is he. There is no push, no effort being made to reel this president in for the sake of this country and all of its citizens. And there will not be.

The one bad apple of American history has spread and caused principles of decency, morality, fairness, lawfulness and respect of the government and its constitution to go bad as well.

The prayer is that at the end of this election cycle, there will be enough people left standing who believe in democracy and who have seen what a demagogue and his sycophants have done here, and will work to scrub the rot out of America’s core that has put her very survival in danger.


Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith is the founder and director of Crazy Faith Ministries. Her latest book, Rest for the Justice-Seeking Soul, is now available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon. She is available for speaking. Contact her at


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