Bigotry's explosion: The race war bubbling to erupt

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I read a story this week about a government official in Texas, a White man, who said, “We’re a part of the master race.”

He was talking to what looked to be a Black woman. He said to her that she had a gap in her teeth and followed that up with his “master race” comment.

This week, we also heard the Republican Mississippi congresswoman, Rep. Cindy Hyde-Smith, say that she would go and be in the front row if cattle rancher Colin Hutchinson were to invite her to a public hanging.

She has refused to apologize or take the statement back, and she was defended by Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, who said she meant no harm by what she said, and further eluded that what she said was a joke. This, in a state with one of the worst records of lynching in the entire United States. Hyde-Smith is running against an African American, Mike Espy.

And then there was the statement made in September 2016, by Republican Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, who suggested that conservatives might have to resort to bloodshed if Hillary Clinton won the pending presidential election.

Speaking at the Values Voter Summit that year, Bevin said conservatism needed to be protected. “America is worth fighting for ideologically,” he said. “I want us to be able to fight ideologically, mentally, spiritually, economically, so that we don’t have to do it physically. But that may, in fact, be the case.”

These are just a few of the racist statements that are being spewed by – no less – people who run our governments. These situations are not decreasing. Those who believe in the rightness of white supremacy are saying these types of statements more and more.

They seem to have a resentment against anyone and everyone who is not a part of what they have described as the “master race,” which in its purest sense includes White people with what are described as Nordic features: pale skin, blond hair, sharp features and blue eyes.

Many believe that there is supposed to be a race war, where the undesirables will be sifted and separated from the master race. They not only despise people of color – Black and Brown people, which includes Hispanics and Asians and other non-White groups, but they also despise Jews and Muslims.

They profess to be “Christian,” which in their minds is the religion of the master race. They declare that “God is White.” Recently fired NBC personality Megyn Kelly said as a matter of established fact in 2013 that both God and Santa Claus were White.

So often, these racist statements are blown off by others who believe they are the same as “jokes.” Those who are offended by the statements are accused of “playing the race card,” and attempted to be made to feel guilty for objecting to obviously targeted, derogatory statements. And they also declare that they are not racist and are offended by being accused of being racist.

But their statements are racist, which says that their hearts are racist as well. They have been taught that they are superior to everyone else. In this country, the chasm between White people and African Americans is the most talked about, but certainly not the only, chasm caused by racism that exists.

There can be no healing because these White people will not admit that they are racist – that the way they think and talk about Black people is racist – and they are quick to call African Americans “racist” at every turn. The accusation made by the current president that the questions of two African American female reporters were racist was as insulting as it was unbefitting of the president.

While some White nationalists – which this president purports to be – are predicting and are eager for there to be a race war, the fact is that there has been a race war just under the surface of the American political tradition since the beginning of this country, a war that is erupting in pockets all over the country.

It looks and feels like wildfires of hatred based on race are popping up, with people all too ready to engage in combat. And it feels like these dangerous eruptions are all too often justified by lifting up the name of Jesus the Christ.

I for one do not know any conservatives, who are also racist, state that their values and politics are not related to their belief in Christ. Their Christ has no problem with their positions on race; their Christ does not or would not demand social justice. It is perplexing how anyone could read the Bible and have such an opinion, but it is true.

Even in history, devout Christians declared, for example, that Jesus was not against slavery. They believed that slavery was bad, but not against the will of God, and was not immoral.

The backlash against African Americans gaining ground in their fight for human dignity is always a trigger for those who believe that, based on their Whiteness, they are right to do all they can to keep that goal under their control.

They are convinced that African Americans are not only not equal to Whites but also undeserving of full citizenship. And so, in their spirits, they are always ready for a race war, one that will keep the races in their respective places.

Their cause for racial purity and separation is bubbling and has been bubbling for a while. They are ready to shed blood if they think it’s necessary. And they believe just that: that a race war must happen, and soon.

They believe the president of this nation is on their side. And that belief cannot bode well for anyone of color, or for Jews or Muslims or anyone they deem as being “less than.” This is a dangerous time in this country, more dangerous than anyone wants to admit.

Rev. Dr. Susan K Smith is the founder and director of Crazy Faith Ministries. She is available for speaking. Contact her at


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