Does Congress care about ‘the American People?’

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For years, we have heard members of the GOP rail against the Affordable Care Act, known to many as “Obamacare,” saying it was jammed down their throats. Its passage enraged the GOP, and the emergence of the tea party was a response to its passage. Democrats and Republicans lost their seats in the Congress if they did not fall into line with the going opposition to the act. “The American people” had been insulted by the passage of this bill, was the rhetoric. The GOP lawmakers fed the public the narrative, and the public – largely Republican, but not exclusively so – bought it, lock, stock and barrel.

They hated it until they benefited from it. Millions of people who had been systematically left out of having health care finally had a way to get it. Many didn’t know that they had health care because of the ACA; they liked “whatever it was” that made them able to have health care, but they just wanted to get rid of Obamacare. No, they did not know that the ACA and “Obamacare” were one and the same.

“The American people” have shown their support for the ACA since its rocky introduction into existence. They are enraged that the GOP is insisting on getting rid of the ACA for what appear to be dubious motives. The ongoing narrative has been that the ACA is collapsing under its own weight, but it appears that there has been a concerted effort to intentionally sabotage the law. There is evidence that the GOP in general and the president in particular have been working to undermine and destroy the bill, the single most important bill passed on behalf of “the American people” by Obama.

In spite of the outcry and the outrage of people in nearly every state in the Union, however, indicating that Americans are in favor of having a bill that has helped them have quality of life, the GOP talking heads insist upon saying that they must keep their promise to “the American people,” and every time they said that, one has to wonder which “American people” they are talking about.

It is maddening to listen to this very dishonest “concern” for people who could not and did not have health care before the ACA and who stand to lose their health care if the ACA goes down. The GOP has made this their signature effort for years. Nothing else seems to matter, not even the scores of people who will suffer and suffer badly if they do not have health care.

“The American people” indeed.

This effort by the GOP has nothing to do with them caring about “the American people.” They need to stop saying that. This has everything to do with the deconstruction of the Obama legacy. Mitch McConnell and his cronies were bound and determined not to let Obama’s agenda get through; that the ACA did get through upset them to a point of near insanity. What McConnell and the tea party and so many wanted was to derail Obama and certainly to destroy his success in getting health care for the masses.

“The American people” are not the concern of the GOP or of many politicians of either party. What is going on now is a struggle laced with racism, jealousy, arrogance and indignation that a Black man in the White House ever happened.

“The American people” will be the losers. Nobody is listening to their, our cries, in spite of town halls, demonstrations, letters and petitions. They do not care about the people who are pleading for mercy, for the Congress to show concern for “the American people.”

They do not.

We need not get it twisted.

Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith is a preacher, writer and organizer She is available for speaking. She can be contacted through


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