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People have voiced surprise that the outgoing president received so many votes in the Nov. 3 election, according to The New York Times, but that fact is not so difficult to swallow if one considers that this country is desperately trying to hold onto white power under its white supremacist system.

Ever since the report came out in and The Chicago Reporter that America would soon no longer be a majority-White nation, it seems that efforts ramped up to try to control the rise in America’s non-White population. But America has long been concerned – perhaps even obsessed – about a decline in the White citizenry.

The definition of “White” has morphed over time; Benjamin Franklin once bemoaned that some people were too “swarthy” and therefore, not really good candidates for American citizenship; in this group he included, interestingly, Germans. But America has always been concerned about keeping America White. It is our history, as reported by The Atlantic.

We are ever evolving from the places from which we’ve come. In those spaces, we have heard the stories, been taught our values and beliefs, and been given the tools needed to carry the stories of our existence forward. Just as African Americans have heard stories of our journeys in this country, so have Caucasian-Americans. And the story for many of them was that America was built by White people for White people.

And so when it seems that too many non-Whites are gaining in population, the narrative of the inevitability of white supremacy is rocked and threatened. When the current president began his bid for the presidency in 2015 and attacked Mexicans as being “rapists” among other things, a substantial bloc of White Americans breathed a sigh of relief. Here was a man who was going to speak to their apprehension. When the president went even further, vowing to enact a ban on all Muslims entering this country, along with building a “big, beautiful wall” on the southwest part of the country, the collective sighs of relief grew louder.

The “undesirables” would be controlled, they were hearing, and they were relieved. With leadership like that of the 2015 candidate, their White country would remain White.

Interestingly, even though this way of thinking is inherently racist, those who espouse and support it claim that they are not racist at all. The president himself says he is the “least racist person you could ever meet,” in spite of a history smattered with racist behavior, The Huffington Post and The New York Times reported. Those who think this way deny that their thoughts are racially problematic; they do not or will not realize that what they say exposes the way they feel, i.e. that Black people have their “place” in this country and wanting them to stay there does not make them racist, but, rather, American. Many who support and mimic the words of the president declare they are not racist because they do not say the “n” word and because they have a couple of Black friends. What they will not confront and deal with, however, is their deep-seeded belief that Blacks need to stay in their place. If they do that, America will be fine; America will be “great” again.

The attack being waged on the outcome of the Nov. 3 election, with focus on the numbers of ballots cast and counted in large urban areas speaks to the belief that Black people are not supposed to vote and that if the numbers indicate – as they do – that Blacks voted in large numbers, numbers large enough to defeat an incumbent racist president – then something is wrong; they go to one of the inherent beliefs held by those who support white supremacy, i.e., Blacks are inherently criminals, and nothing they do should be accepted as valid.

That the Black and Brown presence in this country is not shrinking but is, instead increasing, causing a fair amount of panic in the spirits of those who believe that America was created for White people. They will do anything to protect their numbers which indicate that they are the predominate racial group in this country, but in their hearts, they know they are wrong; they see the browning of America, and they see it increasing.

They will continue their fight to “make America great again,” but it seems that the ship of white supremacy has already left the harbor. Globalism has changed the landscape of this country and of this world, and ironically, capitalism in this country which has inspired entrepreneurs and capitalists to seek the most amount of work for the smallest amount of money, resulting in a rising immigrant population, has created, in their minds, a monster called pluralism.

A friend of mine said that what we are seeing is white supremacy taking its last gasps of breath in order to stay alive, but last gasps, which lead to Cheyne-Stokes breathing, is a sure sign that death is near.

That is surely the hope.


Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith is the founder and director of Crazy Faith Ministries. She is available for speaking. Please consider purchasing her latest book, With Liberty and Justice for Some: The Bible, the Constitution, and Racism in America. It is available at all booksellers. Contact her at


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