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Renetta W. Howard
Renetta W. Howard





We are experiencing a very unique situation and times for the great country known as a world leader and one of the richest countries in the world, while we grapple with national politics and death pouncing on the door which we have been ordered to close and stay behind it.  We know, however that ‘Life goes on;” that is for those of us who do not have to get out into the mainstream of society and those of us who are able to keep 6-feet away from other people and especially people whom have tested positive for COVID-19.

The problem is; we do not know who is positive, tested or not, so we try to cover ourselves with masks which are difficult to get right now because the doctors and nurses and other medical workers need them to treat the afflicted without becoming positive with the ailment, though some have died.  Since we do not know who is positive, we need a mask when we go into the streets of any village, town or city. And, as long as we are not aware of who is positive, we need to continue to wear masks when we MUST leave home where we feel safe and protected.

On March 29, President Trump extended ‘social distancing’ until the end of April. He has taken a reversal of his Easter opening, perhaps for the first time taking the advice of the doctor whom his supporters are now labeling as an under miner of the Trump campaign. They are making him a scapegoat with the idea that he has been against the president.

Truth is, the president has been against the American people with his failure to act positively when he had information over six months ago about preparation for a pandemic and actually dismissed personnel who could help the country to prepare for one and kept saying it was a joke. If he should come down with the ailment, the joke will be on him.

His aspirations, inspirations or inaccurate information apparently led him to believe that all of this last minute action would win him an election in November.  Getting Congress to pass a stimulus check, which is really a bribe, feeling that it will make the receiver vote for him, especially if his name instead of the secretary of the treasurer is on it, thinks that it will give you something positive to remember him for.  Many will be just as happy if Mickey Mouse signs it.

Other countries are doing more for their people to get through the coronavirus war. Most of the hard hit countries are socialistic in some way wherein the USA touts capitalism. There are fewer poor people and fewer rich people in the countries with some socialism. The victims of the countries with socialism are faring better than the good ole USA. The politicians are better off in America.  We need to get ‘in cinque,’ keep praying and open our eyes and ears and take notice to what is happening to us and make some positive changes at the ballot box.


Renetta W. Howard is a former social worker and educator. She is the author of Julia’s Story, Feathers in My Hair and writes a monthly blog, IN CINQUE. She can be reached through


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