It is time to take a stand against sexual assault, deviant behavior


If there has ever been any question about what constitutes sexual assault, I believe we all have a better than vague account or knowledge about what it is. For years now, we have heard about females suing their bosses or workplace managers because of unsolicited invitations or comments that have been interpreted as sexual in nature. We know that actually engaging in a carnal act without mutual agreement has always been interpreted as assault, but in the last few years, any language that alludes to sex has also been interpreted as assault when not solicited.

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to see Bill Cosby raked over the coals and carried to court by females with complaints so old that the veracity of them were questioned. We will probably never know the truth, but nonetheless, Cosby has taken a deep loss financially because of those accusations, and there is some belief that his health is also at risk.

The latest accusations fall on the sharp dive in the character of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, whose wife has left him due to allegations of sexual assault. Women are coming out of the woodwork, and even Monica Lewinsky has posted the hashtag ”Me too,” which has gone viral on the internet. Weinstein has been fired from his position in a company with his name on it and has been ejected from the company in view of the many allegations against him. Important people such as President Obama and Hillary Clinton have spoken about the “deception.”

Then there is No. 45, President Donald Trump, who was accused of sexual assault before and during his presidential campaign, accusations that were aired during the campaign and since he was elected president of the United States, and he continues on his way. Amid all of the other forms of misconduct, Trump is still being lauded by many of his supporters. On top of all of the investigations into his “illegal” election to the presidency, the awful tweets and executive orders which affect certain part of the populace, Congress seems to be in limbo. There is uncertainty around the Mueller investigations and its outcome, which is leaving many Americans to wonder just what is it going to take to KEEP America great.

There are important politicians attempting to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump, but at the rate that everything else is moving to block some of his needless edicts, it appears that these efforts, too, will be lost by the wayside. Congressional squabbles are not producing anything positive. We need to get “in cinque” and let our congressmen and women know how we feel and to listen to us and do something positive with our government.

Renetta W Howard is a former social worker and educator. She is the author of Julia’s Story, Feathers in My Hair and writes a monthly blog, IN CINQUE. She can be reached through


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