Looking for a grown up in the White House among ignorance, greed and immaturity

Crazy Faith Ministries

This president is exhausting.

This presidency has been an ongoing soap opera, full of pettiness and intrigue and dishonesty and crassness, with news operations covering the drama ad nauseam, giving power to the goings on.

The president comes off as a dishonest, petulant, impulsive little boy, or, worse, a dishonest, petulant, impulsive and arrogant college kid who has always had his way. He periodically throws something in the daily melees having to do with policy – nothing of which, however, supports the masses of this country he has been elected to represent. He is destroying our relationship with our allies; his ignorance of basic history, causing him to make frequent gaffes in his talking point, is causing world leaders to disrespect him and, by substitution, this country.

He has moved the United States from being the world’s moral leader to being a disgrace to all that represents democracy, decency and morality.

It is not surprising that, following ex-FBI chief James Comey’s testimony in Senate hearings last week, the president went on a rampage, calling Comey a liar and, of course, promising to bring charges against him for leaking. A statement given by his private attorney says that the president will ask his Department of Justice to file a complaint against Comey.

He is not at all concerned that America is being attacked by Russia via cyberspace. He apparently has not asked any questions about the extent of the intrusion into American security the Russians have made. No, his concern is that everyone knows that he is not being criminally investigated. He has done well in covering his tracks, it seems.

And, he doesn’t understand that the DOJ can’t bring charges against a private citizen for sharing non-classified information.

He is apparently confused, as he says the Comey testimony completely vindicated him of wrongdoing (legal analysts say that is not true). The president, who lies unabashedly and consistently even when, as my mother would say, “there isn’t a reason to lie,” is calling Comey a liar and is apparently unaware that he is saying that Comey’s words, which apparently “completely vindicated him,” cannot be both truth and false at the same time.

The man’s racism is feeding White supremacists all over the country. While he says he hates terrorism, he is a selective hater of terrorism; domestic terrorist acts perpetrated by radicalized White racists get scarcely a whisper, if that, from him. A statement from the White House in regards to the two men who were killed while defending two young Muslim women from a racist attack came days later, and did not come from his private Twitter account, from which most of his rants emanate.

He is a tit-for-tat adolescent, completely self-absorbed. He can dish out insults but cannot take criticism or pushback at all. His favorite phrase seems to be that things “are not fair.” He sees the world and what happens as all revolving around him, and he will do anything he must do to save his hide, even at the expense of sacrificing those who have served him.

The world is not safer because of him; we are in fact getting more and more estranged from the rest of the world, including important allies.

The media pays such intense attention to what he says, running the same stories and sound bites over and over. While other things in the world are going on, our media is giving this attention-craving narcissist more and more airtime. Cable news keeps the confusion going by having Trump surrogates and political panelists give their opinions all day long about what is going on.

Meanwhile, the Congress is doing things like dismantling the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and is getting away with it.

Timothy Snyder wrote in his book On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century that democratic governments have historically been toppled by leaders whom nobody really thought had much relevance, but who were able to speak to a segment of dissatisfied people who kept them going.

That’s what is happening in our own country, before our very eyes. The president continues to feed his base, the impotent Congress continues to ignore all that he is doing, and the America that we all learned about in school is quietly being taken down — by a willful adolescent in the White House.

We need a grown up in Washington, D.C., but it looks as though that by the time the powers that be realize it, the goal of the petulant narcissist and his anti-government, racist, sexist and power-hungry advisors will have been met.

Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith is the founder and director of Crazy Faith Ministries and a communications consultant for the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference Inc. She is available for speaking. She can be contacted through revsuekim@sbcglobal.net.


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