On the erosion of respect for the Constitution

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Susan K. Smith



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Even though I have seldom agreed with the policies of Republicans, nor have I agreed with the stances taken by White, Conservative Evangelical Christians, I have always believed that they loved and respected this country – until now.

The brazen disrespect not only for the Constitution, but also the disrespect and disregard for “the law” has been stunning to watch. It never occurred to me that lawmakers of either party would trash the Constitution they swore to uphold, defend, and protect. They have scoffed at and ignored the system of government put in place by the Founding Fathers, and their arrogance in so doing has been breathtaking.

What is even more troubling is that as they defy and ignore the Constitution, the GOP is accusing the Democrats of being the culprits. And to add insult to injury, “the base” is eating the lies, the mis and disinformation, and the two sides, Democrats and Republicans, is only growing more wide by the day.

As the debacle continues, one of the warnings that has been issued is that if the president is impeached, there will be a “civil war,” as noted by MSNBC.com. On what grounds? Isn’t it safe to presume that if the exact amount of evidence had been found against a Democratic president that the walls of Jericho would be tumbling down by now, if they had not already been pulled down? Wouldn’t the outcry about morals, about democracy, about the Constitution, and about God be so loud we would hardly be able to stand it?

It is truly stunning. From the moment the Conservative Evangelicals were silent and defensive of the president, even as he bragged about grabbing the genitals of women, or as he tore down and bashed the late Sen. John McCain as being a war hero, this group has been silent, a group which has always objected loudly to what they have considered disrespect of this country and their religious views. This is the group which used to be vehemently against Russia, but now, even as it seems beyond dispute that Russia participated in and interfered with the 2016 election, they are silent, and reports show that their approval of Russia is on the increase, according to reports in Religion Unplugged, The Rolling Stones and The Atlantic.

The desire of the Founding Fathers to create a government where the possibility of corrupt power causing a slide from being a democratic republic to a monarchy is being ignored by the very ones who historically have touted the power and correctness of that document. They just do not seem to care if this country as we have all known it slips into being a pleasant memory.

If the GOP and the president have their way, the three branches of government will be destroyed. Trump will be a king or a dictator of sorts. There will be no protection in the judicial system for “the least of these;” as of this writing, the president has in three years appointed as many young, conservative judges to federal courts as President Obama appointed in eight years, as reported by Fox News.

What this president has done to satisfy and please his base is an accomplishment, to be sure, but it happening and has happened at the cost of the government we and the world had come to know, respect, and trust. He has moved the needle and upset our way of life, reported MSNBC.com … and for what? He has no respect for the Constitution, and said it doesn’t matter because he’s rich.

The people who have fought for this country ought to be quaking in their boots. The people who have tried to follow the laws of this country should likewise be outraged, but for this president and his friends, it does not matter, and that is a tragedy as much as it is something of which to be ashamed.


Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith is the founder and director of Crazy Faith Ministries. Her latest book, Rest for the Justice-Seeking Soul, is now available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon. She is available for speaking. Contact her at revsuekim@sbcgloba.net.


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