Faith Johnson, Greg Abbott and Donald J. Trump

Judge John Creuzot.e
Judge John Creuzot.e

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Not one time has my opponent in the race to become the next district attorney in Dallas County attempted to dissociate herself from those who back her campaign, particularly Texas Governor Greg Abbott and U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

Why? Because she proudly stands with them and shares their right-wing values.

Abbott, no friend of fair-minded people in our society, has been a proponent of policies that suppress voting by people of color, students and disabled individuals.

He has allowed private prisons to exist in Texas, and he has done very little to stop violence in our schools and in our communities.

When he needed to appoint someone to serve as district attorney in Dallas County, he reached out to Faith Johnson. He did so because he was confident that she would be a champion of the extreme right-wing policies that he and other extremely conservative Republicans want.

He did not select her because she was a progressive. He selected her because he knew that she wouldn’t rock the Republican boat!

Abbott and his cronies have poured at least $1 million into Johnson’s campaign. Their effort is to buy this election and put in place someone who will neither confront the status quo nor have a plan to address mass incarceration.

Faith Johnson has further disgraced herself by embracing the agenda of Trump, perhaps one of the most right-wing, regressive presidents in the history of our country.

Since the time that he came into office, Trump has verbally assaulted women, members of racial minority groups, Muslims, disabled individuals, sexual assault victims and anyone else who does not agree with his agenda.

Trump has created a climate in our country in which the lives of two former presidents, their spouses, a former vice president, a sitting member of Congress and others have been threatened.

He has insulted the leaders of countries that have been our allies for decades, and even those who have gone to war with us as allies when we requested their assistance. At the same time, he has embraced dictators in Russia and in North Korea.

Like each of you, Faith Johnson has witnessed the behavior of the president. But she has remained silent because Trump is the leader of the party whose banner she proudly carries, and whose policies she warmly embraces.

And you can be assured that if she must choose between the well-being of the citizens of Dallas County and the wishes of President Trump and Governor Abbott, the will of the people will not even be a close second.

Unlike Johnson, my values are not for sale.

During the past year I have personally knocked on thousands of doors in Dallas County, talking to citizens about why I am running to be district attorney.

I wanted to talk to as many of you as possible in the community, because the justice system serves you, not the right-wing agenda of the Republican Party and Trump.

I intend to use my over three decades of experience as a judge and a lawyer to help create a law enforcement community in which the wishes of all our citizens are given high priority.

The first return phone calls that I make will not be to a president, a governor and rich people who supported me.

My first calls will be to the citizens of Dallas County who are seeking justice and fairness.

Defense Attorney and former Judge John Creuzot is the Democratic nominee for Dallas County district attorney. In addition to serving as a Dallas County prosecutor and defense attorney, he served 21 years and nine months as a state district judge. Learn more at


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